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  1. Good Morning Everyone. Sorry I haven'teen on here. I been so busy crocheting blankets. I haven't had time to get on here. I Miss chatting with you all. Hope I can chat with you all again. I gotta catch up on all the stuff that's going on. But I have missed being on here. Hope it's ok I come back on here. Well everyone stay safe. Don't forget to wear your mask when you go out. Take care. Snowbear (Arlene)
  2. Yeah, I don't go to DRS. either. They call me on the phone. One wanted me to come in. And it's a 2 hr drive. Then I have got to take transportation van. I told them. I was not coming in. Because I was scared to ride that van. And that I could get that covid-19. Also I was not taking a chance like that. So, they called me today. My DR will call me on the phone, instead. We stay at home as much as possible. Unless we gotta get out. We have to be in need of something important like meds or groceries. Not just to get out an ride. Because me and my sister use to just get out and ride. Not NO more. We have been ordering stuff online. What we can afford. Other than that. We are doing good. Just trying to stay safe. We wear our mask when we do go out.. Hopefully we don't run out. We only got a few. I found them at Food City. 10 for $8. So I bought a pack. Well take care. Sent you mail.
  3. Hey I thought I would drop in to say HI to everyone. I'm doing good. Just been busy a lot. It's been raining a lot here. But for the last 2 days. We finally got some pretty days. I'm so glad. Glad everyone seems to be doing good. Well you all take care.
  4. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. You all are in my prayers.
  5. Thank you, Tampa Doll You make beautiful stuff too. Snowbear
  6. Hey, I'm not on here much. I get busy. Crocheting a lot. I'm going to make some peace lily. I have been looking them up online. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/411094272224612219/ I think they are so pretty. What are you all working on? I'm doing good. Staying in. Staying safe. You all sound like you all are. Take care everyone.
  7. Hope everyone is doing good. I wanted to say . And you all are staying safe. I don't have trouble staying in. I don't get to go very much anyways. So that's no problem. I just find stuff to do around the house. Especially when I have projects to do. I like to tried all kinds of new patterns. So I google everything. And I have been trying to learn to draw. It's going ok. I guess. Maybe one day I will share with you all a drawing. When I can draw a picture. I will share with you all a Christmas tree that I made. It hangs on the wall. As soon as I get a picture of it. If it's ok with you all. And if you all want me to share it. I been making Novi hats, still. Roses. Head and ear warmers. And doing plastic canvas work. Plus clean the house. Wheeeew I think that's enough.
  8. Thank you. I joined. I will make some of those ideas. Good ideas.
  9. Thank you everyone. I really worked hard on that project. I'm thinking about making things for Christmas pictures or some kinda Christmas sayings on the canvas. What do you all think? I got Folgers coffee can. I want to make something out of those. Any Ideas anyone. I found some cottages I can make out of of the cans. Or Christmas castle. Any ideas will help.
  10. Hey everyone. Just trying to stay safe. Hope you all are too. Been doing a lot of different projects. I want to share one I just finished. I made this for a real good friend of mind.
  11. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to say hi. And let you know all is well and with me and my family. Stay safe.
  12. That reminds me Katie. I'm late getting my flu shot. Thanks for saying something about.
  13. I love the cupcake pattern.
  14. Hey, good morning, I know I don't get on here like I should. I stay busy. I just wanted to drop in and say hi I miss being on here. But it's nobodies fault but mine. So maybe I can be on here more often. I just don't really know what to say. I read what everyone chats about. And I love you all. Thanks for all your prayers. And caring about me. I just been on here a long time. I still don't know how everything work on here. Maybe one I will figure it out. You all take care. Love you all. Thanks for being my friends.
  15. Hey ya'll I like all the work that you all did. You all did a good work on it. I have been busy crocheting birthday present. It seems like everyone in my family has a birthday all at one time. So that's what I've been doing. It's to cold to get out. It rained and snowed a little here today. Here in East TN. It got up in the 30's Now back down in the 20's or lower tonight. Not sure. I didn't get to watch weather yet. Any one know of a crochet porcelain patterns. The doll is 25" tall. My sister gave her to me. So I could make a pretty crochet dress on it for my Mom. Oh yea, My Mom turned 89 on Jan 4. And she is at home. And doing good. Thanks for all the prayers. I would appreciate any help to find a crochet dress. I can't afford a high price for one. If you need to see the doll I can show it to you. I just couldn't find one. made with super saver 4-ply yarn is all I got. Have a good night everyone. Take care.
  16. Hey everyone, just wanted to drop in and say hi. Check on everyone. I'm doing O.K.
  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I know it's late. But I didn't have time earlier. Take care everyone,
  18. That's good. It seems like everyone is OK. I'm doing good. But I do need prayers. I just started the rooster cone shots in knees. I go tomorrow for the second round of shots. It's been really hot here. No rain, here either. And it's stuffy. I can't wait until it turns cooler. Hopefully we will get rain, soon . Take care. Love you all.
  19. Thanks everyone. It does feel good to see better. My eyes still feels scratchy some. But they are getting better each and every day. Thanks for all the prayers. I appreciate them.
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