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  1. I am not so much a newbie, been lost for a while! I am so lost when it comes to crocheting! It has been so long since I made anything! When I do make something, It always starts with a granny square!!!! I have forgotten so much!!!!!!!!!!!! I know the basic stitches, not good at reading patterns, have a lot to learn again and for the first time! So if you all can find so patience with me, whenever I attempt to post or comment on something, that would be awesome! I would like to make so many different things, or should I say learn to make different things. I am hoping to learn so much on this site, and hope to learn from you all as well!!! Nice meeting you all, and thanks for having me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. straight plz...never heard or seen round one that I can remember
  3. I haven't crocheted for a while and would love to make a ripple afghan! Thanks, Cindy
  4. hi I am new to this site and am very overwelmed. learing to crochet all over again. What does CAL Afgahn mean. thanks
  5. Hello Nice to meet you and Thank You!
  6. Hello my name is Cindy. I am just starting to crochet again after all these yrs. I do not work, and am home all the time. I am not the best crocheter, have forgotten alot, but thought it would be nice to see if there was anyone in my area, that might like to correspond back and forth. If interested, please feel free to email on Crochetville. Thanks! Beenaminute:clap
  7. :cheerGood Afternoon! My name is Cindy. I am originally from Cali. I now reside in Montgomery, Alabama. Anyone from around my area? Would love to meet you! I leaarned to cerochet from my grandmother, Mama Hill! RIP! It has been yrs. since I have really crocheted. Due to that, I have forgotten an awful lot. I am really good at granny squares tho! LOL! I would love to get to know how to do other things than granny squares. When I go to try something new, my hubby says, that is a nice color for a potholder! LOL!:cheer:cheer:cheer It eventually turns into a potholder, cause I get confused. I am trying to teach myself to do increasing and decreasing stitches. I bought me a Teach yourself to crochet book! LOL! Would love to meet you! :cheer:cheer:cheer
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