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  1. I did not have these colors in my stash. And no, I did not charge my friend initially. However, she made it clear to the woman that I would be charging. I think what bothered me the most was the way she acted like I was trying to cheat her or something. If I wanted to work for $1 an hour, then I would move to a third world country. As it is, crafters can't make minimum wage without charging out of this world prices. I guess I will chalk this experience up to a lesson learned the hard way.
  2. I recently made some toddler hats for a friend. She loved them and was very appreciative. Some of her friends asked where they could buy them, so she directed them to me. When I said $15 for one or two for $25, they acted like I was trying to pull one over on them. I even tried explaining that one hat uses 4 colors of yarn, which is $3 a skein, so the total cost of materials is $12, therefore I am only making $3 in profit. A polite no thanks,I'll just buy one from Walmart followed. Ugh. Really? Fine, dress your kid in something mass produced instead of something original and handmade. My little vent for the evening.
  3. While watching Mike & Molly last night, there was a really pretty afghan at the bottom of Molly's bed. It was pretty blues. Sigh, wish I knew what the pattern was. lol
  4. I recently got temporary custody of my cousin's dog. lol. So while watching the game the other night, I came up with the Puppy Potty Pouch. It's big enough to hold quite a few bags and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. I posted the pattern on Ravelry if you want to see it.
  5. I'm going to celebrate by finishing the baby afghan that has been driving me nuts for 2 months! lol.
  6. Keep practicing. There are some great videos on Youtube for all kinds of crochet. Just think, one day you will be able to make all of those things and more. Then when the naysayers come asking for you to make them one, you will be able to sit back and laugh. You'll get it, just hang in there!
  7. I can do Delaware. Pm me with the information!
  8. I have made them for the babies in my family. The mothers tend to roll them down, then roll them up the baby. I made one for my cousin who had a premature baby (by 3months) and the nurses at the nicu loved the cocoon. Said it was good for swaddling.
  9. I personally would not put anything in there other than paper towels. Funny story- my niece used to wet herself all the time, (not the funny part yet) so we would wash her unmentionables out by hand and put them in the microwave to dry. I don't know what we were thinking. Needless to say, they scorched and burnt really quickly. That is a smell you can not get rid of for DAYS! We all had a good laugh back then and still do now, but it was a lesson learned.
  10. I fell behind but my fingers are flying to catch up!
  11. Sounds more like a shrug to me. Check out http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com They have just about every type of pattern listed there. Good luck!
  12. I switch to something little and quick. I find that if I make a hat or something like that, I have a sense of accomplishment, which usually re-energizes me to get cracking on my big project. But I think we all have those moments where we get bored by our project.
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