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  1. Thanks ReniC! That website isn't loading for me right now, but I'll give it another try later on. I happen to have "inherited" 4 big balls of Homespun and have been wondering for a few years what to do with them! I would think they'd make a great warm & cozy shawl.
  2. Webfeet, Thank you, that's exactly what I had in mind. I'm going to make this next with the same yarn as the lap robe I'm working on, so he'll have a matching set. Thanks again!
  3. Raccoon, I started on this one first, after I saw your reply. With 2 strands of worsted and I think size N hook; a small but warm lap robe I can finish quickly! Such a nice looking yet simple pattern. Thank you so much for posting.
  4. Looking for something to make for my dad that will stay on his shoulders that's not too frilly/lacey/feminine. Been looking for something w/o armholes, like a capelet, so it's easy getting on and off. He's not a fan of wearing pretty things so I'm having trouble finding the right pattern!
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