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  1. integrative123

    Testing Closed ~ TY Ladies!!

    Good one!
  2. integrative123

    OPEN: Simply Unforgettable Shrug

    I would prefer size M
  3. integrative123

    I have discovered bead crochet!!!!

    Thanks for the share!
  4. integrative123

    UPDATE 01-22: Afghan Project (finished beaded border)

    Tcarra, Thanks for the infomation, good post!
  5. integrative123

    Beading Crochet????

    I have size 10 beads, any suggestions?
  6. integrative123

    How do you match up bead size with thread?

    Flia, Thanks for the information.
  7. integrative123

    Can someone help me with the beginning of a pattern?

    I too was worrying with this querry, to get the start of crochet pattern.
  8. integrative123

    What's on Your hook, right now!

    Is there any unique pattern of crochet?
  9. integrative123


    HI, welcome
  10. integrative123

    Hello from Kansas!

    Hi, am a new member for this forum