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  1. We're starting a club in Champaign, but that might be a bit far for ya Good Luck, and try meetup.com
  2. I've checked their website, and oddly this yarn is not listed in their online catalog... Since it seems to be a new yarn, they might not have fully assimilated it yet. Which is what I'm hoping- I'd love to see some blues and greens in this yarn. It could put RH SS and Caron Simply soft out of the market!
  3. Okay, horror movie themed crochet. Have I died? Is this heaven? If so, why am I still sitting in an office chair?
  4. We have two LYS. One of them is new, small, and the owner is super friendly. She made bread pudding the saturday I was there, saying it was " a full service shop, so if you're hungry I have warm bread pudding" Wowzers! I guilt-buy there sometimes (but use what I buy) the other LYS...not so much. It's huge, has good prices and a great selection. But they aren't very friendly. They don't label any shelves, so there are 4 rooms of yarn and I have no idea what is where. They also have one small room that they have a knitting group sit in and work...the room you have to pass through to get to the other rooms. a r oom lined with shelves of yarn. You can't go in there on group days, b/c you feel like you're intruding- you hafta squeeze behind this big group of chattering knitters to get to anything. I like to look at yarn, but not with a group of 15 strangers sitting there staring at me b/c I'm in their way
  5. Hey Shelley- I think you'd have better luck posting in the "seeking local crocheters" thread, which you can find on the main page under the "coffee shop" heading. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=50 This thread is for people who are working on the same crochet project, not so much for those looking for people in their area
  6. Ooh, with the bacon scarf those would make a delicious set...
  7. Phoenix


    I just loaded a graphic I found online into the darklilac.com cross stitch generator. It's so fun to use!
  8. Phoenix


    I'm so glad you saw this...when I was trying to figure out what to make these folks, I remembered the adult version you made and was inspired!
  9. I don't have the graph anymore (computer glitch), and I don't think crochetville would let me share it anyway (since its a copyright logo and all) but all I did was go to darklilac.com, use their cross stitch pattern generator, and upload a picture of the batlogo I found online. I sized it to 75 by 50 stitches, and added some extra purple along the sides. I think that's kosher to share- I found that site from crochetville months ago anyway So it's not like I spent the hours graphing the logo myself...I cheated
  10. Ok, this is technically a baby blanket, but its more interesting to me as a big, pain in the butt piece of tapestry crochet, so I wanted to post it here too. It's a bat-ghan for some new parents who aren't into cute, but who I wanted to crochet for. The new dad is a big batman fan, so hopefully the pastel version of the logo will work for everyone http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q201/phoenixcrochet/batghan.jpg It's 4' by 3' (see the nintendo gamecube in the right hand corner for scale?)
  11. Some friends of ours are having a baby, and since they aren't really into "cutesy" items, I wanted to give them something uniquely them. I also wanted to crochet it, b/c I've never had a baby to crochet for...so I made this Bat-ghan. The father is a big batman fan, so hopefully his baby girl will be too! http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q201/phoenixcrochet/batghan.jpg The blanket is 4' by 3' and very ,very soft- it's made out of Bernat Baby Coordinates.
  12. Wow, that's awesome! I know when I was a kid, my babysitter would help herself to a "tip" from my mom's jewlery drawer...which is why I only had a sitter for 4 times as a kid. Here's a hint: if you steal someone's earrings while babysitting,don't wear them to their house the next time you babysit for them. I guess my sitter could have used yarn to keep her sticky fingers busy!
  13. Welcome from Illinois! As a crocheter facing vision problems, I would love to talk to you. My email is phoenixcrochet@hotmail.com if you're interested
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