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    All things yarn-y, making movies, reading and attempting to write, scaring my neighbors
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    stuffed animals or very funky accessories
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  1. Been meaning to get there. I have family in the Jacksonville area, originally from further west in Illinois.
  2. I'm in Champaign Illinois. Just emailed you, if anyone else is in the area PM me!
  3. I always figure that I"m advanced beginner, more out of lack of gumption than anything else. I can follow a pattern and have no problem free forming something wacky (like a cherry pie pillow) but I've never tackled a truly complicated piece. I don't do clothes because I'm just not interested, so I never have had to test my shaping skills, and I still have to look up stitches in a book for a "refresher." I just don't find complicated stuff as relaxing, I guess.
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