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  1. Beautiful!!! Congratulations of the blue! I think it should have been best of show myself. Leslie
  2. Thanks again all. The pattern is a free pattern at the purple kitty web site. http://www.purplekittyyarns.com/crochet-afghanseg.html In this pattern, you join as you go and I worked in the ends as I went so it wasn't bad at all. Leslie
  3. Yes, I found the chart on a website. The site had beautiful charts for free and I had bookmarked it. I went to it the other day and it wasn't there. I'm hoping that I can find it again. Leslie
  4. Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to do as suggested and attach to the bottom chains and start some rows and see how it looks. If I don't like it, I'll just unravel and leave as is and next time I'll know to add more than 20 rows to the top and bottom of the pattern. Leslie
  5. Thanks everyone! I really had fun doing this one. I don't know what I'm doing next. Hubby is making sounds that he wants his "own" afghan and he wants one with a motorcycle on it. So, I guess I'll be searching for motorcycle graphs. Leslie
  6. This is the most extensive graphgan I've done. It actually went faster than I had anticipated. The worst was all the ends, but I would do a few rows than work in ends so it wasn't a nightmare all at once. I had added rows to the bottom and top of the pattern to make it longer, but I miscalculated. My hubby wants me to leave it as is and he wants to hang it. I can't make up my mind if I should leave it or try to add to the top and bottom of it to make it more of an afghan. My problem if I choose to lengthen it is that I want it to look like it is a continuous piece. Adding to the top is easy. But the bottom? If I were to crochet a strip to add to the bottom, is there a way to attach it so there is no obvious seam? Thanks for opinions and help. Leslie Thanks everyone for the great ideas. I played around with it and finally came up with this. I made a panel and did 2 rows of a darker shade of my background and then sewed it to the bottom and then continued at the top to mirror what I had done at the bottom, so that all the stitches are in the same direction. Thanks again, all!
  7. This is my first Prairie Star. I just loved this pattern. Once I did a few, it was easy to memorize and all I had to do was check to see which color I needed to do. Leslie
  8. Oh, me again, thanks for the tip Darski. I should have done this, but didn't even think about. That is what I get for not having a pattern. I need all the help I can get! When I started to single crochet the back of the potholders together, (the back is a plain varigated brown with no pattern), I had the back facing me. So, the stitches are on the back side. I started to frog it and start over, but I liked the look. Made it look more "ropey" (ah, is there such a word). I decided to crochet the border onto the dishcloth backwards as well to match. When I have washed my sugar & cream washclothes, they have faded something terrible. Is there any tips I can give my friends as to washing them to help with the fading? Thanks again, Leslie
  9. Gosh, thanks so much for the nice comments! I'm working on an identical set for another buddy. We are all horseback riding buddies and I know they will compare presents, so....they will get the same thing, same color, everything! Only thing, if I do placemats, I'm thinking about putting their brands in the corners, but....I may never get that far. At least I will have something for them and I'm so glad it is not a "last minute" thing! Have a wonderful and safe 4th everyone! Leslie
  10. Thanks for the complements. I did make my own graphs. I got some graph paper and used some clipart to go by and colored in the squares. I kept changing my mind and drawing different stuff and my daughter got tired of it, so she made up the cactus graph and told me to start crocheting! My friend has just redone her kitchen and doesn't have a "color" scheme yet, so I'm hoping the neutral tones will work. Leslie
  11. For once I've got a jump on Christmas! I finished two pot holders and a dishcloth for my best buddy. I've been toying with the idea of making her some placemats too. Hope she likes them. Leslie
  12. Looks great! I love the sunbonnet sue quilts. Can't wait to see the finished afghan. Leslie
  13. How about a draw string gym bag? I did one for my daughter. I did it in her school colors and even got brave and made a chart and put her name on it, her team name and a volleyball. I used a free beach tote pattern. Good luck in your searching. Leslie
  14. Lisa, thanks so much for all the links. I'm looking more for graph patterns with either a silhouette of maybe a cowboy hat or horse or horseshoe to crochet into the potholder and dishclothes. Thanks so much for the help. Leslie
  15. I want to make dishclothes, pot holders, maybe placemats, and other kitchen items (if I can think of what to do ) for my good friend. Her kitchen is western. Like covered wagons, horses, horse shoes, bull skull, saddle, cowboy boots, etc. I thought I might could do the items in the afghan stitch, but all searches have come up blank. I've even searched cross stitch and plastic canvas patterns. Any ideas on finding a graph or pattern? Maybe I don't know how to do the searching right? Thanks, Leslie
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