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  1. I also posted more pics of my afghan on my blog!! Wheeee!!
  2. I always have tons of ideas and I find it hard to narrow it down to only start making one thing. Right now I have an idea for another blanket, pillow case and 2 ideas for scarves. I decided to start with the pillow case as it's an easy project that I'll hopefully finish soon. A quick project is always good :-)
  3. Thank you @ReniC for your kind words!! You'll be happy to know that I've finished the afghan! I am so pleased with it. Halfway through I ran out of yarn (uh oh) and it was quite the task finding matching colors as I totally forgot what brand of yarn I used. Turn out: 4 different brands! Took me a lot of (online) shopping to get all the colors, but I made it. I've put my afghan up on Etsy, but will also post pics of it on my blog soon.
  4. Hello hello!!! A warm welcome from The Netherlands!!
  5. I also sew and love that almost just as much as crocheting. I love sewing bags and have recently also gotten into sewing some skirts for myself. Woohoo ;-)
  6. This thread has me laughing!! Asking me how big my stash is... I mean, is that as rude as asking someone how much they weigh?? ;-) Anyhoo... I have sinned today, again. Teeheeee!! I needed some extra yarn for the afghan I am crocheting and when I came to the yarn store they had the most lovely bio cotton laying around at just €2 a ball. Normally this yarn costs €6 a ball, so it was SUCH a good deal. I couldn't just... you know... leave it there. Hahaha. I have plans for all the yarn in my stash, I am just not sure if I'll live long enough to crochet them all :-)
  7. Hi everyone **waves**!! I am back from my holiday and it was fab. The Netherlands are grey and cold in comparison to warm and sunny Greece. I've started working on a blanket when I was on holiday. Yes... I took YARN and HOOKS on holiday, hahaha!! I LOVED to crochet on holiday, don't you? Here's some pics on what I was working on on holidays, but I am much much further along with my project now. I'll post some pics soon, I promise. So, how ís everyone? What did I miss? Share some gossip!!
  8. Thanx everyone! Still haven't made up my mind. I think I'll make a start with a new blankie to fill Le Shoppe when I get back home :-) See you guys soon!
  9. Hi everyone! On Thusrday I leave for a 2 week holiday. My first one in a year, I can't wait. My husband and me are going to Greece. Next to some sight seeing and some lovely chilling out on the beach (and oh, the fooooood...) I'd love to take some yarn with me so I can crochet in the evenings (some candle light, some wine, some crochet.... I am quite the romantic, haha!). But, what project do I take along? I'd love to take a max of 5/6 balls (I am thinking light, small balls of yarn like Catania Cotton) and start a project. The thing is, I am taking my backpack (so not a large suitcase) and this project shouldn't become too large. So what do you think? Pillow case, afghan? Garlands? Something like that?
  10. Yep, I would also vote for a bolero or something. Also very practical as we're headed for autumn quickly. But a bolero is also great on summer (or Indian summer) nights when it gets a bit chilly. I have to admit... I just GOOGLED your yarn, hahahaha! And it looks amazing! Have FUN with it.
  11. Things are slow at the office (also known as 'the orrifice'), so I catch myself browsing here at least twice a day the last few days :-) I am easily distracted!!
  12. Why not give them requirements! If they want a baby blanket let them know that it's best for a baby (yes, you're only thinking of thém, haha) to use soft acrylic yarn and you can send them links with your fav yarns to work with 'look at all the fááááábulous colors they have' ;-) Think in possibilities, not in problems! (Can you tell I am working on some marketing gig right now, HA!) Mind you... I have some yarns in my stash (all gifts of people who mean well) that are hilariously looking, but I have no idea what to do with them...
  13. I could give you TONS of ideas, but all of them are Dutch and in NL so it wouldn't be much use to you, right? Also check your local yard sales, thrift shops and suchlike. Maybe you don't see the yarn you need now, but you may see some yarn that you can use for future projects. I'd also like to comment on people who want you to do something and then not pay for it or never/use wear them. Horrible isn't it? Luckily I also have a large group of friends who has used their iPod cozies untill they broke and are now asking for new ones. See, I don't mind doing that at all!
  14. Oh my, this thread made me laugh out loud!!! When I buy yarn that will help me with a current project I really don't hide it from my husband. But you know, sometimes you just need one ball of white cotton and you come home with a bag full of Merino DK that was on sale for only €2 a ball and the colours looked so nice together and... well, you know how it goes right? ;-) Then I tend to place the bag in the spare room and organise the yarn with the other yarn. Oh my, I have a lot of yarn. How horrible.
  15. Hello!! I am crocheting a custom ordered granny square pillow case. You can check out my work in progress. I am calling the colour scheme a 'happy meadow' as the colour remind me of flowers standing in the wind in a fresh, spring meadow. Oh, how's that for me being poetic eh! ;-) When I finish this blanket (and I think I don't have enough white to finish the back of the pillow cover, I will have to wait for my yarn order to come in) I have another granny square pillow lined up, in more vintage looking colours. Very warm and yummy.
  16. If she had offered to take it all off your hand then of course you could've given her a special deal. Like if you have 35 skeins, give her a few for free or something if she'd buy all. But for her to say $10... that's a bit cheeky isn't it? Mind you, I had a friend of a friend who said €35 was too expensive for a handmade baby blanke made from 100% organic yarn. And that was a mates rate! That would be only the yarn price and I had not even accounted the time I would spend on it! So, some people are just cheap!
  17. because you guys were so nice about my crochet pumpkin pattern, I also now dare to present to you... My crochet flower pattern! Woohoo! This crochet flower is very easy to make and, depending on which hook and yarn you use, can be used as a coaster or a bunch of these flowers can make a nice garland too! Just one note! If you are making this flower, crochet nice and losely or take a hook one size larger than you normally would. Otherwise the petals of the flowers will curl up :-)
  18. Aw, thanx for sharing my tut on this thread!! I had no idea people were actually using this. So WOOHOO! Great stuff!
  19. My baby rippled blanket is finished. I am very happy about it. I used 100% organic yarn and the blanket is oh so soft. Happy about this! Blogged!
  20. Thanx everyone!! Have fun crocheting and drop me a message is you have any questions.
  21. Hi everyone! Just dropped in to say hello :-) I am Esther from The Netherlands and some of you may know me from my blog Happy in Red. I am a journalist and (web)editor and I discovered crocheting about 1,5 yrs ago and I have been properly HOOKED ever since. Sounds familiar right? Ayway, I don't know if I'll be posting loads. But it's good to know that there's a crocheting community out there to share tips with, ask for advice, cry over failed projects and share inspiration with!
  22. I know, I know... it's August, but it can't hurt to think about autumn already a little. Right? Anyway, my first post here and I'm a little nervous about it! There are so many brilliant links on here to fantastic patterns and tutorials. But I hope you'll appreciate my link too. Here's my pattern for a crochet pumpkin. It's quite easy! Perfect for someone is new at amigurumi or has little patience for amigurumi (like me, hehe). Have fun everyone!
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