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  1. Hi! I am so, so happy with my new shawl :-) I have made it with one ball of Scheepjes Whirl, which is a yarn cake with a very gradual colour change. You can read all about this shawl and the pattern on my blog!
  2. Crocheted a retro bag and lined it with some fun tie-die fabric. It's rather large-ish and perfect to tote around groceries or work stuff. But it's also great fun for the beach. You can read more about it here .
  3. Oooh, I love that one. I made a similar one, I loved working on it.
  4. I have this thing about C2C lately. Husband was nice enough to help me get the graph right. Yay!! All about the pattern, you can read here.
  5. Thanks all! Yes, the colours are a bit funky, but they seem to work. No idea about which number the colours have (I didn't save the wraps), but the Phildar website will be helpful enough!
  6. Hi everyone! I finally put my tutorial for a spring blanket online. It's made with flowers in squares and you can join as you go (yes, I am a lazy bugger, hehe). The structure is quite open, so this blanket does need a nice edge to really work. Also, the squares realy benfit from wet blocking as they may be a bit 'wobbly' if you're a tight crocheter. I hook very losely, so no problems there. Enjoy!!
  7. RoseRed - That is probably even worse! Luckily, in the meantime, I've also had some costumers that didn't blink at the cost and completely understand the value of handmade items.
  8. She was my age, so I guess she didn't have a lot of experience with buying handmade stuff. I was talking to my husband yesterday and he said: oh, well... like you needed more projects ;-) (Too right!!) I'm just a little interested in how much she expected to pay for a 220 x 200 cm handmade 100% Merino blanket? I mean, had she done her homework, she knew it wasn't going to be a bargain. I checked my quoted price with similar items on Etsy and I still think I estimated a modest price.
  9. KittyLover - I used Phildar 3.5 and loooooots of it. For the last few rounds I needed a skein a round. YIKES!
  10. Thanx all, I knew I came to the right place for people to understand. I literally did a calculation for her, telling her: with X size you need Y weight of yarn, so that means XX balls of the yarn you've requested, this means the cost for the yarn alone would be XYZ and given that it will take ABC weeks to make this is the price. I must say, especially after reading your comments, that I am already over it. I've been lucky to also encounter people who understand the costs of handmade and ordered some things with me. People like this, I can really do without!
  11. Allover the web I found kids and baby beanies, but nothing quick and easy for women. That won't do! Us girls deserve beanies too ;-) For this beanie I used 100% Merino (Bingo by Lana Grossa) and hook 6 mm. If you know how to do DC's and the crab stitch you'll have no problem with this pattern. Women's beanie crochet pattern
  12. I know, right? She literally couldn't grasp that a King Size blanket in 100% Merino would cost over €150 in materials alone! I suggested more economic yarn, but that was no good apperently. Well, that doesn't give me any options. Right?
  13. Thank you! I was going for kinda 'retro' colours as I am not too fond of 'sweet' colour for kids.
  14. I'm no hero when it comes to crocheting amigurumis, but I've managed this elefunk for my niece. She's too little to even notice, But my sis was happy enough ;-) Isn't it a cutie pie? I've also blogged about this fella.
  15. I couldn't find a way to attach the picture, but now I have ;-) Here it is!
  16. A little while ago I finished my first 12 point star ripple blanket. I was SO happy with it :-) I blogged about it here.
  17. Someone contacted me if I wanted to crochet her a rippe stitch blanket for a King Size bed. Could I give her a quote. It had to be crocheted in Merino yarn. 75% of what I quoted her was the expense of the yarn, not even the work I would have to put in (crocheting a King Size blanket will take about 6 weeks or so). She was outragious, as it was way too expensive etc etc. But seriously, what did she expect? That she could get a handmade, 100% Merino King Size blanket for €25? No point in this thread, just venting to some people who'll probably understand ;-)
  18. This is a very easy pattern for making baby beanies. The great things that you can mix and match colours however you want, this simple beanie will look like you've created something new every time. Same goes for the edging: with some simple edgings all beanies can look different. Go ahead and try!! Here's the pattern
  19. I am halfway through crocheting 110 granny squares I need for two blankets. I am using vintage colours which are working very well :-)
  20. You gotta love a ripple afgan! It's very nice making them too I find. I just finished a granny square blanket for someone. I am a bit insecure about the whole thing, as I was contacted by someone who wanted me to crochet a baby blanket for her friend. But that was all the info I got. Like crocheting in the dark. I just shipped the blanket and I really hope the recipient will like it...
  21. I just finished a granny square pillow case! I used fantastic vintage colours for it, so it has this old and vintage feel to it. I like it a lot! If you want to check it out, you can see it here on my blog.
  22. Hi everyone! Last year my husband asked me to crochet him am warm hat for winter. I searched online for hours for a good pattern, but couldn't really find one that my husband would like. So what do you do? You start crocheting and come up with something suitable :-) Luckily, I kept track of what I was doing. So now I have the tutorial for this pattern in my blog! Check out: beanie pattern for a man. PS. For the last-minute Halloween crafters... I also have a crochet pumpkin pattern available :-) For FREE of course (duh).
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