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    Hi!! I am Esther from The Netherlands! You may also know me als Happy in Red from my blog http://happyinred.blogspot.com. I love to crochet and I am always looking for new ideas and love chatting about crochet and yarn with other crocheters!!
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  1. Hi! I am so, so happy with my new shawl :-) I have made it with one ball of Scheepjes Whirl, which is a yarn cake with a very gradual colour change. You can read all about this shawl and the pattern on my blog!
  2. Crocheted a retro bag and lined it with some fun tie-die fabric. It's rather large-ish and perfect to tote around groceries or work stuff. But it's also great fun for the beach. You can read more about it here .
  3. Oooh, I love that one. I made a similar one, I loved working on it.
  4. I have this thing about C2C lately. Husband was nice enough to help me get the graph right. Yay!! All about the pattern, you can read here.
  5. I also sew and love that almost just as much as crocheting. I love sewing bags and have recently also gotten into sewing some skirts for myself. Woohoo ;-)
  6. This thread has me laughing!! Asking me how big my stash is... I mean, is that as rude as asking someone how much they weigh?? ;-) Anyhoo... I have sinned today, again. Teeheeee!! I needed some extra yarn for the afghan I am crocheting and when I came to the yarn store they had the most lovely bio cotton laying around at just €2 a ball. Normally this yarn costs €6 a ball, so it was SUCH a good deal. I couldn't just... you know... leave it there. Hahaha. I have plans for all the yarn in my stash, I am just not sure if I'll live long enough to crochet them all :-)
  7. My baby rippled blanket is finished. I am very happy about it. I used 100% organic yarn and the blanket is oh so soft. Happy about this! Blogged!
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