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  1. Hi, I am Tanya. I am a mum of two, girlchild 20 and boychild 17. They both still live at home with my husband and I. I am very lucky to still be madly in love with my husband. I have always crocheted and cross stitched since I was a teenager, but 4 years ago I had an accident in which I crushed the bones in my ankle. After 3 surgerys and a lot of 'therapies' I have been left with a large amount of scar tissue that has entrapped nerves and so I cant walk much further than the bathroom. While this has kept me from working, it does leave a lot of time for crochetting. I have discovered a love for crochet dolls and spend a lot of time making them in between making gifts for family! There is always someone asking me if I can make 'that' for them. Even the nephews and nieces prefer Aunty Tanya made gifts!
  2. Thank you for all the replies! After a very disappointing trip to Spotlight, (we only have a very little local craft store and she only carries a few brands of wool and they are very expensive wools especially when you are making a blanket) I have come home and looked at bubs2grubs and I think I have found the wool I would like. Probably in the sugar and cream range. Anyway, I have asked what they think would be closest as they have the same pattern book in the store and the trouble with buying wool/yarn online is that you dont get to 'feel' if it is the right one! With any luck by this time next week I will be well on my way to having it finished. I have until the middle of September and as I am unable to walk, I have plenty of time through the day to keep my hands out of trouble!
  3. Thank you Katchkan. I just tried some spare 8 ply wool I had laying around with the 5mm hook and it came out at the right guage. Now I am off to buy more wool in the right colours. I wish I knew what the books author used because her yarn is almost shiny and I would love to get that affect on the afghan. We probably wouldn't have it here anyway! But I do get to have fun at the craft shop. Shopping time!
  4. Hi, I am an Australian. I have an American book called Circular Baby Afghans. I want to crochet the design called Ripples of Joy. It says that the materials needed are: Medium Weight Yarn 4 [3.5 Ounces, 163 yards (100 grams, 149 meters) per skein] Crochet hook, size H (5 mm) or size needed for guage. Now after looking at the conversion chart, I think that this is (in Australian/UK terms) an 10 ply yarn? But to me, that seems heavy for a baby blanket. If I look at baby yarn, they are 50g 170 meters so it cant be a baby yarn. I am yet to find a yarn that is 100grams and 149 meters. What yarn should I be looking for?
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