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  1. thanks, I did try that, unfortunately I'm not sure -when- it was and I think it was just a photo on a blog, rather than a pattern or blog entry that would have 'sunflower' in the title. :o( I appreciate your help!
  2. Thanks for the links. It wasn't a video, it was a picture. It wasn't a typical flower-motif. My memory says it was -like- chains. But I don't think it was just chains, because I wouldn't have liked it, 'cause I don't like doing patterns with a lot of chain stitches. :o\ I appreciate your help and any one else who has an idea!
  3. I recently saw -somewhere- either a bag or a blanket made of loopy sunflower motifs. It was brown, gold and orange (I think). Now, I can't re-find it. Has anyone else seen this? Do you know where it was / is? Was I dreaming? TIA Cecilia
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