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    South Yorkshire, England
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    drawing, painting, crocheting, knitting, sewing, playing guitar, creating things on photoshop.
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    I'm unemployed at the moment :(
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    I haven't really found my favourite yet but I liked crocheting a hat so I guess you could say I like accesories best :)
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    I only started last year (2005)
  1. I have SERIOUSLY found the knitting equivalant of crochetville it's full of great people and their are so nice and welcoming just like everybody on here!! and I love going there as much as here and sometime you just need help with knitting and I've not found any of the other websites above very good or friendly as crochetville is until I found this site! it's called GetStichy! that is the link for their main website and this is the link to the great forum so come over and join:yes
  2. I would have joined you if I lived near London but unfortunatly it's just too far away:( I was going to tell you about a site that I found a while ago where you can find communities near you but then I realised it was for knitters haha I 'm surprised they haven't made one for crocheting yet.. it is from the Stitch n Bitch nation after all and they did do a crochet book:think you can find the site here if you still want to have a look:)
  3. Hi Beth welcome to crochetville from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK:D I'm still learning to crochet aswell I only started last year
  4. Hi and welcome from Barnsley South Yorkshire:hook I know what you mean, there isn't anywhere here with a crochet community either and this is the best place to go and it's lots of fun too:D where in the UK are you from?
  5. I don't think it should be seen as a different or seperate list, I think it's more like having two categories then people can see more easily who is a non-us member and who isn't.. and just because it's not in the same category doesn't mean you can't send them anything:)
  6. Hi Marge and welcome from South Yorkshire:hook hope you're having a good new year so far:)
  7. Hi Ava and welcome from South Yorkshire UK
  8. well it would most definatly not make me happy if you wont be able to have clickable images on your blog with the new blogger:angry I can tell you how to add a link to an image, but I haven't been able to switch to the new blogger yet so I don't know if it's any different:think I'm starting to get more and more annoyed with blogger lol
  9. Hi and welcome to the Ville from South Yorkshire! where abouts in the UK are you from?
  10. When I logged in to my blogger account today I got really excited as I FINALLLY got the invitation to switch my old blogger account to the new Blogger Beta so ofcourse I went over and wanted to switch but when I tried it came up with an error saying something like: "we are having problems with one of your blogs therefore it can't be passed over" so I clicked on a link where it's supposed to explain why exactly they can't pass it over and it said the main reason why they can't pass some blogs over is because they're too large (thousands of posts and comments or more)... but my blog isn't that large yet I've only started back in July so no I haven't got thousands of posts and comments at all:think that's just so frustrating I thought I could finally switch over and now this!
  11. I've read this whole thread n it crackep me up lol my stash isn't really big (yet) but I don't think my fiance would ever make me stop crocheting/knitting or stop buying yarn so I think I'm really lucky that way I really love how you your house looks on the inside on the picture where you can see your chair Paulette it looks very cozy:manyheart and I love all the ocean coloured yarn you've baught and the zigzag afghan you've made!
  12. I've got exactly the same problem lol! and the fact that my dads not really a hat type of person doesn't make it any easier lol I'm thinkin about making a nice stylish scarf though they always work up quick N maybe some socks and I'm doing an attempt at making the Sweet N Short bolero from the HappyHooker book for my sis, but I've never done a garment before so who knows how that's going to turn out lol:eek Good luck and if I find any nice n fast patterns I'll post em here:)
  13. Hi and welcome from the UK:hook I thought you said you were from Birmingham? but on your blog it says your from america:think
  14. It looks great Tracy! I wish they would send me a Blogger Beta invite already
  15. thank you for responding! ok so I add it to the first chain of the 8th row, but I still don't understand what it's for:think I guess I'll see when I keep working:)
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