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  1. I made that Star Trek pot-holder. It never occurred to me to try it in crochet because it is specifically designed to show alternate colours from each side, so the whole piece ends up looking just as good from either side. I dragged out my knitting needles and juggled the two colours according to the pattern. In order to crochet this pattern you may have to do some nifty tricks where you have to change colours otherwise the edges of the star will be quite jagged. But it's worth a try. The graph is not too large.
  2. Christie is right. The result would be stiffer and larger but still the same shape. I make small parrots and my main thing is to match the colours of the real bird I am copying. So I sometimes have to use thicker yarn. The result is a larger version of my normal parrot.
  3. Hello everyone. I have been inundated with requests for my Birdie Buddies (small crocheted parrots a step up from amigurumi) for the last 2 years, every since I made some as a wedding gift for a friend. I use an amalgum of various patterns and techniques and use quite a few different colours to get the bird the same as the recipient's own parrot.
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