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  1. PDF pattern is available: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baphomet If you do happen you purchase my pattern I'd love to see how your critters turn out.
  2. Nice to meet everyone!
  3. Crochet Pinwheel Candy Applique Intermediate Measures 7" long, 3.5" wide. GAUGE: J/10-6.00MM Note: Instructions are written using A + B for spiral. Change colors for other color combinations. Candy Piece CENTER: With A, ch 4; join with a slip st in first ch to form a ring; ch 1, (sc, hdc, 3 dc) all into ring, drop A, DO NOT FASTEN OFF; following the A sts, join B with an sc in the ring, work (hdc, 3 dc) all into same ring, drop B, DO NOT FASTEN OFF. Rnd 1: Pick up A, work 2 dc into each B st – 10 dc A; drop A, pick up
  4. I'm quite new to crocheting. I've taught myself last year how to make scarves and hats (some with kitty ear), this year I have learned how to make a star throw as well as a stained glass window throw. But I find it easier to learn how to make anything by watching someone do it first. I tried reading the direction's for this shawl and managed to make a huge yarn mess that didn't look anything like the picture's. Is there any chance anyone knows of a video tutorial or willing to make one?
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