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    Nothing fancy about me. Love to crochet and write. Looking to broaden my crochet :)
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    Melbourne Australia
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    Writing, Crochet, Sewing and Knitting
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    Administration/Intergration Aid
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    vests and cosies
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    A very long time. Hope that's a good answer. :)
  1. Thanks kindly all. Have already started on a new top. Finally something for myself.
  2. Hello all, It has been quite some time that I've posted or even visited the site. Have been away far too long, with both family and work commitments. But now I'm back and ready to crochet until my fingers fall off... exaggerating of course ???? Glad to be back ????
  3. Thanks kindly guys. From memory I said I was having some issues with a vest pattern I was trying to create. So I changed it to granny squares and it seemed to work, I guess. The spiderweb hipwrap was done via a pattern on line, but I am unable to copy the link for some reason. It's really odd. Anyway, believe it or not the wrap was easier than the vest. Oh my gosh, congrats to you both. Wishing you another 45 years. ♥
  4. Hi all, sorry have been offline for a thousand years (exaggerating by a few million, of course) What's the excitement? What have I missed? I have finished a few things. Will try and upload some pics on this post. Bare with me if it doesn't work, am new to uploading on this site.
  5. Thanks guys, it is 4 ply cotton. I bought it years ago and tried to do another vest using my own design of stitches... But as I said a few weeks back I was messing up big time. So I tried the squares idea. Ok, it's not fancy but it works. I am still crocheting the pieces together. I'm not using seam sewing. I am crocheting it with stitches. Can't wait to show every one when I am finished. Thanks luv. I messed it up big time so asked for help. Should have done that sooner, would have posted over a week ago. Wow, This is a great idea. The project rotation... Mind if I pin
  6. Hi all lovely to be back. Been too busy at work to post. Now I want to post my pics of my progress on the vest but I can't, don't know how. Keep messing it up... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyway hope all is good and everyone is fine, fit and dandy. How's everyone's crochet going?
  7. Hi all, Sorry been off line for quite some time. Been ill. But am back on track now. Guess it gave me plenty of time to do some crochet, been stuck in bed does have it's positives. Anyway I did stop the vest and do the granny squares as you lovely ladies suggested. I kept messing that up too, was so out of practice that I decided to go on youtube and watched a tutorial just to remind me... Low and behold a zillion quares later... Alright, maybe not so many, ha ha. Anyway I have 8, 15cm squares and am stitching them together as we speak. I will make a slip-over vest with the
  8. Tobybob - Will do just that. I will try the granny squares and see how I go with my tension. It has been quite a while since I have crocheted so it's the best thing to do I believe. I could do with a blanket. So make a few zillion granny squares and stitch them together. Judy - Thanks luv, I agree with you. Practice, practice, practice and I have learnt something already from being on this forum... Never pick up crochet after a few years break and expect to make my own vest. Oh and your dogs looks so content. foofoophyl - love the shawl Thanks skysmom... I can hear you from h
  9. Hi all, Skymom - Yes, you're right. Thanks, I do have a wicked sense of humour. Ha ha Judianne - Thanks you may be right. I think I will do some granny squares instead, as I messed up the vest something shocking today. Ha ha. Will do a few granny squares over the week this week and see how I feel at the end of the week. Thanks for the tip. And Judianne the RR is beautiful. Golly wish my work could look so professional. luvtocrochet757 - Thanks luv, I think I will take Judy's advice and od the granny squares for a while. Gardiner - thanks dear I will find a few patterns and pl
  10. Oh Julie thanks for you vote of confidence. :hugI do believe that to be true about the nervousness. I guess I do get tense at times. Because my crochet can be tight most of the times. I should get a pic of it and post it tomorrow.
  11. Morning ladies, popping in for a quick hello. Too much housework to do. Just between us, I hate Saturdays; housework day, I call it! Blah! Judy - Yes the colours are lovely together, but my crocheting is to be disired. Some times I am tight at crochet and then at times loose. This makes the pattern look uneven. Drives me batty. Any tips. I will be uploading a pic of it tomorrow afternoon, should have most of; one of fronts done by then. You'll know what I mean. Sometimes it looks like I have skipped a stitch, but it's because that particular treble has been made too losely or tightly.
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