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    Hooked on crochet :D
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    Crochet, Photography, DigiScrap.
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    Anything for my 2 girls :)
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  1. Skeleton Hat - All Sizes by Rebecca Goldsmith...pattern bought at Ravelry. One scary girl Much easier to make than I expected it to be
  2. Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Jo takk, bare bra Takk Hej! Thank You
  3. Since I am totally hooked on crochet, I just had to find a place like this...so here I am I am 31 years old, and like the title say...from Norway, so my spelling might be wrong pretty often I have 2 little girls...Christine 4 years, and Amalie 2 years And I am engaged...and have been since 1999...hoping to changes that in about 2 years Looking forward to explore this place
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