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  1. Please excuse the dark picture but if you follow this pattern, that's what they'll look like! Working on different designs for barefoot sandals; let me know if you have any more ideas I could try out! The first thing you'll want to do is make 3 watermelon appliques. I used this pattern: http://damnitjanetletscrochet.blogspot.com/2012/03/watermelon-wedge-applique.html Special thanks to Janet! After that it's mostly just putting them together. I used green but any matching color is welcome! You'll start with connecting the 3 appliques which can be done in many different ways. Here's mine: Create a slip not around the hook and insert into the middle of the green part of your first watermelon. 1 sl st, 4 sc, 1 sl st into the very bottom of your next watermelon. Cut and sew in strings for security. Repeat to connect your 2nd and 3rd watermelons. Next is to create the toe ring part. Once again, create the slip knot around the hook. Insert into the tip of your last watermelon and 1 sl st. Depending on the intended toe size, sc and then sl st back again into the tip of the watermelon. For me, it was about 7 sc. Then, sew in strings for security. The last part is making the strap to wrap around your foot/ankle/leg. Once again, create the slip knot around the hook. Insert into the middle of the green part on your first watermelon and sl st. 60 Sc and then cut about a 9''-10'' string. To make the second strap, repeat this step also by inserting the beginning yarn into the same stitch. And wala! I hope this way easy to follow. Since this is my first written pattern, I'd appreciate any feedback whatsoever concerning the writing, pattern itself, future patterns, etc. Thanks and let me know what you think and how it turns out if you try! Signing off, Ashlee By the way, I'm 17 so I aim my patterns towards my age group as trying to be edgy, chic, in style, etc. Thoughts on that and future projects would be appreciated as well
  2. So I've been crocheting for about five years now and I think I'm finally ready to open up shop for my own patterns and products. The problem is that I'm not sure how to go about this. I've looked into etsy but I'm not interested for paying for a site. I have a couple questions then: If not etsy, then where? Can you sell on blogger successfully? Thanks for the input!
  3. I was wondering what the best site to set up a web page for my crochet is. I looked at etsy but I saw that you have to pay per post and things like that, which is not what I am looking for. So what would be the best place to start setting up a website for free where I can sell my own patterns and products? Thanks for the help! One last question, would it be wise to set up a Facebook page for my crochet as well for my friends and family? I'm not really sure if it would work. Thanks again!
  4. My boyfriend is really into vikings so I'm crocheting him this awesome viking hat for Christmas. There's just one last decision to make, and I was wondering what your thoughts were. I could either add braids onto the hat like the pattern asks for: http://crochetparfait.blogspot.com/2012/09/viking-helmet.html OR I could make him this crazy beard thing instead: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/viking-or-dwarven-beard I have a feeling he'd love both equally but I'm still struggling on definitely choosing one. So let me know what you think, thanks! Happy holidays!
  5. Looking for tiny lightning bolt applique pattern! Please and thank you! Only free patterns please!
  6. Can someone help me find a Chicago Bears C symbol that i can crochet onto bracelets and hats? Free patterns please! Thanks!
  7. For my little sister for cross country I'm making her a set of crocheted items and one of the things is going to be a set of really cute gloves with half fingers. The only problem is that these sort of patterns are impossible to find online, especially the quick and easy ones. So I'm looking for a free pattern of the sort and if you could help out, that'd be fantabulous! Thanks!
  8. This week for my little sister on cross-country, I want to make her a pair of either finger[-full or -less] gloves. Does anyone have any quick, easy patterns? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for sharing this pattern! It was quick and easy! I even made the strap to where you could wear it as a cross body purse
  10. Thanks! I was on a time limit so I ended up using a pattern from the Drops Design website. I would post the pattern link but I'm not sure if that would be violating a copyright or something. Would it?
  11. I'm looking for a top to go with a white cover-up skirt to make for my friend for her 16th birthday. Anything at all would be appreciated. Edgier pieces preferred. Thanks!:)
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