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  1. Lol...it's for my horse and I am want to make it for him to where when he is in his stall or traveling during colder weather...no way would something like this last for outdoor use when he is in the pasture.
  2. Not looking for a saddle blanket pattern. I am looking for a full blown stable blanket pattern...lol...I may have to try and create one on my own, but have no clue how I am going to create it...lol.
  3. I am wanting to make a horse blanket for my horse, but have no clue where to find a crochet pattern for one. And I am not very good at creating patterns. Does anyone know where to find a pattern?
  4. Ok, I have to ask. What is Knook?
  5. Oh, Sorry about that.......my stitches are very happy now......Thank You!!!
  6. magiccrochetfan - after examining how I was knitting versus how I was suppose to be doing it, yes I was twisting my stitches. When I had my work in front of me I was going through the back of the stitch to work my next stitch (side furthest away from me) instead of going through the front of the stitch (side closest to me). In turn doing it the way I was I noticed that I was in fact twisting my stitches and didn't realize until now with the help of you all and youtube. That is why my end result stitches were looking funny to me. I did a sample block with the what I have learned now and it came out looking just like the stockinette photo samples....YAY!! I have a blanket that I have been trying to work on but was never happy with because of this little problem. I have taken it apart like 10 times cause it drove me nuts with how it looked and how it wasn't looking...lol...time to try again.
  7. DesertCrocheter, I saw your blanket. Its beautiful. Not sure if I will ever be able to create something like that. I have tried to do cables before, but have always messed them up in the past. Maybe now that I know why my stitches looked funny I will be more successful when I try again. I do wish I knew someone locally that I could sit down with to learn better with, but now I have all of you to help me too. Thank you so much.
  8. Ok, I have not seen square needles before...can they be bought at JoAnns or Michaels?
  9. I believe I have figured it out...with you help and youtube, I found that I have been doing the knit stitch wrong....I was going through the leg behind the need when I should have been going through the one in front that is closest to me! I had the purl stitch correct though cause I checked when I found I was doing the knit wrong. Kinda feel stupid now...lol...but when I first started knitting I couldn't find videos or books that taught for a lefty verses a right... Thanks so much for you help Kathy. Virginia
  10. I hold it in my left hand and wrap it around my left pinky so that I can control my tension better. What do you mean by the leg of the stitch?
  11. I work my stitches from the right needle to the left needle
  12. Ok, here is a sample I just did to show you what I mean...I hope you all can see it well enough...if not let me know and I will see if I can get a better shot.
  13. I have been watching how I tight I hold the yarn, but my tension could be the issue. But I still feel like I am doing something wrong.
  14. Ok, so I think I am totally doing this knitting wrong. I am a lefty and have been trying to learn to knit for the past, oh, 8 years. Only thing is all the books I find are for right hand knitters and so I tried doing the reverse since I am a lefty. Well....my V for when I alternate rows of knit and purl look funny. For one they are not even, one side of the V is always longer than the other. And they look jagged. I would post a picture, but I am having difficulties with uploading. But does my problem sound familiar to anyone? If some one could help me I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks for making me feel welcome!
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