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    I truly enjoyed teaching myself how to crochet! Now, I love make crocheted purse, scraves, coasters, wreaths and lot more.

    I love to combine sewing and crocheting and making unusual things too!
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    all kind of crafts
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    blogger and full time mom of two :)
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    1 year
  1. My kids love angry birds so much! Recipient of these set is really lucky!
  2. I have tried this pattern and it turned out good! http://crochet-mania.blogspot.in/2009/03/mens-large-crochet-beanie-cap.html
  3. lovely colour combination! I will surely try this!
  4. What a heart warming welcome you have given me here. Thank you.
  5. Hi! I am new here! I love crocheting unusual things like cozies, beads, unique type of coasters and amigurumi! Hope to share and learn a lot from here! Thanks, Krish
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