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  1. Thanks for the advice! I'm still working on the counting thing and maintaining consistent tension but I'll work on that. And thanks for the marker I had never thought of that. Another question someone might answer or I can post on one of the other boards. Why are my ends curling? I'm turning and doing what I'm suppose to but my corners are kinda curling/twisting? Right now it's just a little smaller then a scarf. Again thanks for some of the quick tips and all the kindness! I'm excited to be part of this community.
  2. Thanks everyone!!! You're all so nice I love it! I can't wait to get better, learn, and share with everyone!
  3. Holy smokes I'm jealous!!! I go to the yarn aisle and just dream I would love all that yarn. I have 1/2 roll of yarn and then 2 full skeins of yarn. I have a baby collection.
  4. My mom pays for my yarn. I feel guilty when I have to ask for more, but she knows I need it and knows I use it for good so she doesn't ever seem to mind.
  5. I hold it over handed. I started with holding it like a pencil and I really struggled with it, so naturally my hold turned into overhanded. I doubt it hold it completely right but it works perfect for me. Same thing with the yarn. I don't hold it completely right but it's the way that really helps me I fumble or make stitches too loose otherwise.
  6. I plan on finishing a large afghan within 3 weeks, but it's my first project. I start off really slow and then it slowly gets faster the longer I crochet for the day. Chains are fast, SC are fast, but I feel like DCs take double as long
  7. Two people, one was a stranger and one was my mom. I first tried crocheting about 14 years ago when I was 11 but I didn't get very far, I managed a chain I didn't even get as far as a SC. Then a month ago I went somewhere and there was a crocheted prayer shawl. I instantly fell in love with it. But didn't think about doing it myself. Then a few weeks later I told mom I was wanting a new hobby and she instantly suggested crocheting. So a stranger inspired me to crochet for charity and make prayer blankets/wraps, chemo caps, and NICU blankets; and my mom gave me the push to actually do it.
  8. My first project is a work in progress. But it's a afghan. Lavender and Eggplant striped. It's just SC and DC and my ends are a little rough. But I'm proud of it
  9. I am a new crocheter, so I can't promise mine will be fancy or perfect but I will be making them. As a nursing student who has dreamed of working in the NICU since I was 15 I am so happy to be able to be part of something like this.
  10. Hi All!!! I have been crocheting for 6 days, and counting. I saw a crocheted prayer wrap at a silent auction I went to a couple weeks ago, so when I told mom I needed a new hobby she instantly told me I should pick up crocheting and I did. So far I have been able to make an incredible shrinking dishcloth...it got skinnier and skinnier and it went on. And now I am working on my second project; a prayer blanket for my mom's best friend who is going through cancer treatments. I plan on making hats for chemotherapy patients, player blankets/wraps/shawls/etc. and other charity things. That's where my passion lays rather then doing it for business and money. I taught myself with you-tube because we have no stores in where I live other then Hobby Lobby and Michaels, so I know I have a lot of learning to do but so far I love it!!
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