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  1. Thanks Tina, It finally came out right. I still don't know what I was doing wrong. I was so aggravated. Now I can git it done. I am using a double strand worsted weight yarn in brown. I want mine to be a little bulky. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Tina, how many hdc should I have at the end of row 3?
  3. Has anyone starred this bag? I cannot get mine to turn out right. On the 3rd row I'm supoosed to end with 4 hdc but i ended up with 8. Also should I have 5 cablestitch rows? Thanks
  4. Thanks I just realized that I posted my question in the wrong place.
  5. miki421

    Zora Hat

    That is really cute.
  6. I've seen that commercial. I didn't like it. It puts crocheters in the "granny" stereotype that we are trying to break out of. Miki
  7. Could you continue using the same sc/dc?, but instead of going onto every stich, go into every other stitch. Does this make sense? Miki
  8. I saw the issue today. It was awful. There were so many outdated patterns that were just downright ugly. I am so disappointed. It looks like it's getting worse not better.
  9. Is there anyway to translate the patterns into english? I loved some of the pieces. Thanks for the link.
  10. Really beautiful. That's a real keepsake item.
  11. Wow, both pieces are beautiful. I'd say your two months of crocheting was time well spent.
  12. miki421

    bag pattern

    I found that bag pattern after searching for hours. I am working on it right now. I'm using a nylon thread that someone gave me. So far it's working out fine. If everything continues to go well I am going to work up another one in a fun color. Thanks for your help
  13. miki421

    bag pattern

    I am looking for a cute/funky bag pattern. Preferably medium size.Thanks for your help
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