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    I have two crochet hooks made of glass. I love them because they were made f
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    Palmdale, CA
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    I love to crochet and I love to read romance novels specially by Sherrilyn Kenyon,Dara Joy
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    I love to crochet ponchos, shawls,hats,scarves.doilies
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    I've been crocheting since 2001. But have always love it.
  1. Thank you Jeannie (loopy1) for the compliment. The pattern for that square I got it from the book 101 Crochet Squares by Jean Leinhauser. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi Krystal, Yesterday I send the squares I promise. I hope you get them soon. heres a picture of them. The one with brown,pink and white is for Jessi the other two I thought might choose who to give it to I hope they are alright.:hug
  3. I would also like to help. Krystal can you pm me your address. I'm so saddend this happen to her. I was so shocked when I read her post. I'll would like Thank Krystal and everybody else for being so thoughtful and generous.:hug
  4. I finish the rug yarn and a square that I was making from a pattern of a band of lionbrand homespun skein.I had to frogg the shawl I was making from the same pattern as the rug.Right now I making my very first 12 inch square.I only have to 2 rows to finish, after that, I'm starting the bookmarks for the bookmarkswap. I guess that's it for now.
  5. Can I still join in. o.k.this is my list= Butterfly wing shawl I'm not even half done Granny square afghan I have done about 8 rounds, also a crocheted rug made in a half circle also with this pattern I'm trying to make it into shawl that I started about 3 years ago.I'm happy to report that last night I finish "Beth's little Star Afghan with yarn that I'm trying to destash, and this includes all my other projects that I have right now also. I guess that's it for now.
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