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    I have two crochet hooks made of glass. I love them because they were made f
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    Palmdale, CA
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    I love to crochet and I love to read romance novels specially by Sherrilyn Kenyon,Dara Joy
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    I love to crochet ponchos, shawls,hats,scarves.doilies
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    I've been crocheting since 2001. But have always love it.
  1. I wish I had the money for this swap, I've been wanting to do this swap for a while.
  2. Yesterday I receiced my package from Jessica, Thank You. I almost did this two book marks (the ones with the long tail) Ever since I saw the movie commercials, I've wonder about the book, not usually what I read but maybe one of this days I might try it. I hope you and your family are well and no more car trouble. Take Care. Brenda.
  3. Hi, Jessica's package will go out tomorrow.
  4. Hello Jessica got your info. sent you an email. One of the swaps that I look for. Love this swap.
  5. Hello Christel Thank you so much for the beautiful square you sent. I love it. Here's a picture of it.
  6. Patty if you need another swapper let me know and I'll send you my survey. Thanks.
  7. Thank you Patty, I really making that square for cathoms. Thank you so much for my square Christel (crsheridan) it was very pretty and in one of my favorite colors, Here is picture I was finally able to take
  8. Hello Tiffany, I've sent my surver in.
  9. Got my partners info. Thank you. Hi Cathoms.
  10. I wanted to Thai my partner CrochetKitten for agreat package. I really love my bookmarks, the candies and my books. Thank you so much. I have mailed your package and will be getting them by Thursday. Here is a picture of my package:
  11. I have sent my survey. Hope I'm in time.
  12. I have sent my survey, hope I'm in time.
  13. For this week my score is +4.. I finiished a baby blanket using lionbrand pound of love in blue and white, but I only used half of the blue yarn+1 and not enough of the white yarn to put a dent in the skein. The other points I got them from using up small balls for making grannie squares. For the week ending in 04/13/2013 WTD=+4
  14. I have been working on a baby blanket in two colors, blue and white and both are Lion brand Pound of love so haven and on granny squares but I didn't use enough to finish a skein so my score for this week is 0 WTD= 0
  15. Got my partners info. Hello tambob6259, I'll start working on your square this weekend. Hope you had fun shopping for yarn. Have a great weekend. Take Care. B.C.
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