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  1. Brenda, yes, weeding is a never ending task! I try to keep at it, and I consider it as part of my daily exercise routine, but as soon as a I let it get away from me, it’s a losing battle. Good morning. It’s supposed to be a rainy day here. Looks like it has already rained some. However, there’s always plenty to do inside! I actually enjoy rain. There’s something about the sound of it that makes me feel happy. The poor dog is not especially impressed by rain though. My work day was extremely busy yesterday. I only had one patient, but he was very sick, and kept me hopping. The day sure flew by. I don’t work again until next Thursday. Ive been working on my learn to knit afghan. I have decided to make it a throw, rather than an afghan, so I only need two more squares. However, since I was a novice knitter when I started it, all my squares are different sizes, so now I’m trying to even them up a bit by crocheting around them. Talk about boring! Plus, they will all have to be sewn together. Have I mentioned my aversion to sewing squares together?
  2. Brenda, I can send you some seeds when my Columbines go to seed if you want. All of mine were grown from seeds that a friend gave me, and I think you could just scatter the seed and some would grow. Just let me know. i did a double crochet mesh on that market bag, rather than the triple crochet that the pattern called for. Mary, hope you feel better soon. Strep is no joke. I had strep pneumonia a few years ago, mostly because I was ignoring my symptoms. That is probably the sickest that’s I’ve ever been!. I was so short of breath that I could barely get to the bathroom, which is what made me decide to go to the doctor.
  3. Good morning ladies. Spectacular weather here! Sunny, warm breeze, in the 70s. Yes, I finished the market bag. I didn’t really follow the pattern, but I did use it for guidance. This is probably the best market bag I’ve ever made. It holds a lot, it doesn’t drag on the ground and it opens pretty wide. Here is a picture of it laying flat. In the other picture it has two pineapples in it and it isn’t anywhere near full. Nothing exciting going on around here. I went grocery shopping this morning. I spent $88, which included $11 for individual serving cups of ice cream for the grandkids. Our little local store was having a surprise 1 day sale. Boneless skinless chicken breasts and pork tenderloins were only $1.49 a pound. I bought the limit on those things, plus some other sale meat, and have enough meat for at least 14 to 16 meals for the two of us. I’m tempted to go back this afternoon and buy more. It’s only a half mile drive. Now if only they sold yarn...........
  4. Hello ladies. Marlene, I’m so sorry for your losses. Our new carpet was finally installed yesterday. I worked all day, and then stayed up til around 11 cleaning up some of the mess. We had totally emptied the living room, and our bedroom of furniture, emptied about half the pantry, and the bottom shelves in the linen closet. Plus we had to remove everything from the wall units in the living room so that we could move them. I have most of it finished now, and I am exhausted! The carpet is beautiful though. tomorrow I’m going to do nothing!
  5. Just an FYI, I saw on FB this morning that Marlene lost another brother. Marlene, just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. What a nice idea. Might be a project to try with the older grandkids.
  7. Hello ladies. Busy day at work today. Our weather is beautiful. Still 75 degrees at 6:30. I’m going to sit outside and read for a bit. Brenda, the rocks are really sweet. Why are they called kindness rocks? Judy, that is really a pretty blanket. Mary, I wondered if you had lost electric when you didn’t report in after the severe weather warnings. Mona, I am just plain tired after looking at your plans for the week! Although....the craft show/ flea market sure sounds like a good time!
  8. Good morning. Very, very windy here, but it’s supposed to let up and turn into a nice day. We picked up downed branches yesterday evening, looks like we can do it again, thanks to the wind! Oh well, it’s probably good exercise! I have to work this weekend, so I’m taking today off, except for making dinner and laundering towels. I’m thinking of digging out one of my many WIPs. Mona, hope things slow down a bit for you. I’ve had a really busy few weeks too, pretty much all of my own making. Dh says that we need to go away for a couple of days, just to get away from the busyness that we have created. (He is worse that I am.). Have a a great Weekend!
  9. Hello ladies. Big news here is that we have a new grand daughter! She was born late Tuesday and they are already home. Yesterday we had grandson number 2 over for his birthday visit. We took him to a car museum. (He is crazy about cars), and he enjoyed it very much. It was huge and two busy days at work this week, followed by a day of walking around that museum have this grandma is dragging today. I have done laundry and gone grovpcery shopping today though. I finished that market bag and tried it out today. I think this is probably the most functional market bag that I have made. Brenda, I’m so glad we don’t live in an area that gets a lot of tornados. My brother and sister in law in Indiana have been hit twice in the last couple of years. Scary stuff! Our house must be similar to yours. What we refer to as the basement opens up at ground level on the front and is buried in the back. (Our house is built into a hill.). The main living spaces in our house are on the second floor, although we have a bedroom, bathroom, office, laundry room and office in the basement. There is still an empty ground level room down there as well that I am thinking of making into a sewing and craft room. Right now it houses my treadmill. Mary, hope the severe weather missed you. And....I was tempted by Hobby Lobby...but I resisted!
  10. Good morning. Chilly and nice and sunny here. Finished two extremely busy days at work. Now off for the weekend, but back to work on Monday. My knee doesn’t seem to be any the worse for working I think it’s very slowly getting better. Marlene, hope your birthday is wonderful. It’s township clean up day here today. Dh just left with a trailer full of stuff. We still had stuff from when we had our pool stored up in the attic of the barn, and we had some old lawn furniture up there as well. Our old gas grill went too. (It’s amazing how many useless things we have, guess we thought we might need them again someday!). We haven’t camped in a tent for years, but Dh tells me that we have three tents and a lot of other camping equipment stored up there as well. That stuff can go to Goodwill or the Salvation Army store though. The township recycles most of what people bring in, so it’s a win for both sides. I’m finally almost finished that market bag. (Messing with the pattern made me have to think a bit harder about the last section of the pattern, and in the end I decided to just do my own thing.) Dd went to a yard sale yesterday, and texted that she bought me a bunch of brand new skeins of yarn. I have been on a yarn diet since the beginning of the year, having decided that I have to finish at least three WIPs before I can buy more yarn. I probably should have gone on a “no new projects diet” as well. Apparently Dd thought I was having withdrawal! Well, I’m off to work on laundry. Have a great weekend!
  11. Hello ladies. Spring has finally sprung here! It’s not really that warm, but it’s been sunny and pleasant. Marlene, it’s good to hear from you again. I missed you. Hope hubby’s dr visit is uneventful. Judy, you don’t seem to age a bit! Nothing much happening here. I twisted my knee on Monday while helping Dd with spring cleaning, and it’s still pretty sore. It hurts most when I go downstairs or when I get up from sitting. It doesn’t hurt when I’m walking though, so I’m hoping it’s ok to go to work tomorrow. I had a knee brace at one time, but Dh borrowed it and of course he can’t find it now. (He rarely puts anything away!). However, this has derailed my attempts to get some exercise everyday. Despite the knee thing, Dd and I had a good time together. Have a great evening.
  12. Hello House! We woke up to a couple of inches of new snow this morning. The roads were awful going into work, but much better on the way home. It was a good day at work too. My back is still bugging me a bit, but it’s a lot better than it was. I have tomorrow off, but I have a routine doctors appointment in the afternoon. I prefer my appointments in the morning, but apparently, so does everyone else! None of our dogs has been afraid of thunder. It might be because Brittanies are bred for birding. Our dogs have always been excited by the sounds of gunshots or firecrackers. You should see Sophie’s tail wag when she hears loud pops! almost done with that market bag, but as usual, I’ve kind of lost interest. I suppose it will get done eventually!
  13. Still cold and it’s snowing...... It’s April! Even in Michigan April is springtime! Schools were closed today, because the weather was supposed to be so awful, but this far it’s just snowing lightly. The roads were fine. I did get to the gardens today. Dd is fighting a cold, but she wanted to go, so we did. Our grand daughter was absolutely enthralled. (She is almost 4). She was literally squealing with delight. Her 6 year old brother enjoyed it, but not as loudly as she did! I took them to Wendy's aftewards. On the way back to the car she said: “we had so much fun with the butterflies and at lunch. Thank you, Grandma!” My back is still complaining about the busy work weekend. I hope it shuts up by tomorrow, as I have to work again. Have a a great day.
  14. Hello ladies. Wish I had the weather that beautiful Lucy is enjoying. We have ice and snow and more snow on the way. It got to 30 degrees today. I suspect that I won’t see daffodils this spring, they were budding before the ice hit. At least the crocuses bloomed already! Mary, at this point we would be thrilled to see 40s! We had 50 mph wind gusts along with our ice and snow last night. Lots of power outages, but not at our house. Work was awfully busy busy this weekend. Nothing horrible, just run, run, run. I’m glad I have tomorrow off. I’m pooped! I’m going to go see the butterflies at Frederick Meijer Gardens again with Dd and my two youngest grandkids. Well, that is if the weather is ok.
  15. Good morning ladies. Gloomy here with rain changing to ice later today in the forecast. They are calling for 3/4 inch accumulation. Of course I have to work tomorrow. Hopefully this won’t be the one time that the forecast is not exaggerated! Usually it’s wrong...hopefully that is true this time! I’m finally making some progress on that market bag. The body is finished and I’m ready to start on the straps. It could have been finished already....if only I wasn’t so easily distracted...... Mona, hope your weekend away is fun and relaxing. Well, best get moving. Those piles of dirty laundry don’t seem to be making any effort to disappear on their own. Hope you all have a great weekend.
  16. Good morning. Most of our snow has finally melted, although it’s cold and there are flurries in today’s forecast. However....Friday’s predicted temperature is 69 degrees! I had an enjoyable time chatting with my older daughter yesterday afternoon. She and our grandkids came for lunch since her Dh was out of town. Dh and youngest Dd took the four oldest out hiking in the woods and the two youngest took naps. The kids were muddy when they got back, but they had lots of fun. Dd and I don’t often get an uninterrupted chance to chat. I don't have long to do list today, so I expect to have time to crochet. I would like to get that market bag finished. It’s going to be a bit smaller than I anticipated, I think, but it will be big enough to be functional. I could have finished it a few weeks ago.....I got bored......... Hope everyone has a nice, productive Monday.
  17. Mona, I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. Our fur babies really become a part of our families. Hugs. As for your six inch stack of patterns...I see your 6 inches and raise you a foot....... I have enough patterns printed off to crochet full time for many, many years. I might have enough yarn for that too! Plus there are all the patterns I gave on my iPad....and on my computer...and then there are all those magazines I’ve been meaning to sort through.......
  18. Good morning. Our snow is still here, but the sun is shining. More snow in the forecast. Oh well, spring will eventually show up...or so they say! todays plans involve grocery shopping, laundry and housework. I didn’t accomplish much yesterday, I hadn’t slept well, and just couldn’t motivate myself to do anything much. Hope you all all have a great day!
  19. Good evening. Busy, but enjoyable day at work today got to have a long chat with a former co-worker who now manages the patient relations department. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. Working again tomorrow. Mary, ds’s pups are just over a year old. The male is nearly 60 pounds, (very large for a Brittany), but he’s a big baby. The female is around 35 pounds, which is about average, and she is in charge. I’m sorry that the brother problems are rearing up again. Judy, the Detroit Tigers opening day was delayed by rain as well. We didn’t get any snow and just a little rain, but they got quite a bit of snow 40 miles north of us. My SIL in Indiana had 6 inches on the ground this morning. It’s been cold enough to snow here though. Brenda, we have had thunder snow a few times over the past few years. Very weird. hope everyone has a great evening.
  20. Hi ladies. We went over to our sons house for Easter dinner. Nothing traditional about his meal...steak and baked potatoes. The sun is shining here...but it is quite cold. Snow is in this weeks forecast, do a I think spring might not arrive for a while yet. Happy Easter!
  21. Good afternoon. The sun is shining here but it’s cold and the breeze makes it colder. Dh pointed out that I have nothing to complain about.....he says it’s cold enough to snow, so I guess it’s ok! Nothing much happening here. I’m still working on that market bag and knitting on a baby sweater, I lost a stitch somehow on the sweater and am debating about how best to fix it. I will probably just increase by one somewhere in the middle of the row. I don’t think it will show.....and if it does, the baby probably won’t complain. We have decided to re-carpet pretty much our entire house. We picked out carpet this morning, but have to go back to choose a color. We forgot to bring paint chips with us. However, while we were out, we bought a beautiful new stainless steel grill. Dh was planning to buy a new grill this spring. He had originally picked out this model at Amazon, but then decided instead to buy one at Lowes that cost $300 less. The one he got was clearance priced at Lowes because it was the floor model and they aren’t going to be selling that model any more. It was $200 less than at Amazon, plus we got 10% off for using their credit card, plus it is eligible for an 11% rebate in the form of a gift card. Dh was thrilled to get such a nice grill instead of the one he was planning to buy, but he felt a little guilty about buying a grill when we were planning to just buy carpeting. I told him it could be his birthday gift. Now I don’t have to shop!
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