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  1. Hello ladies. Wish I had the weather that beautiful Lucy is enjoying. We have ice and snow and more snow on the way. It got to 30 degrees today. I suspect that I won’t see daffodils this spring, they were budding before the ice hit. At least the crocuses bloomed already! Mary, at this point we would be thrilled to see 40s! We had 50 mph wind gusts along with our ice and snow last night. Lots of power outages, but not at our house. Work was awfully busy busy this weekend. Nothing horrible, just run, run, run. I’m glad I have tomorrow off. I’m pooped! I’m going to go see the butterflies at Frederick Meijer Gardens again with Dd and my two youngest grandkids. Well, that is if the weather is ok.
  2. Good morning ladies. Gloomy here with rain changing to ice later today in the forecast. They are calling for 3/4 inch accumulation. Of course I have to work tomorrow. Hopefully this won’t be the one time that the forecast is not exaggerated! Usually it’s wrong...hopefully that is true this time! I’m finally making some progress on that market bag. The body is finished and I’m ready to start on the straps. It could have been finished already....if only I wasn’t so easily distracted...... Mona, hope your weekend away is fun and relaxing. Well, best get moving. Those piles of dirty laundry don’t seem to be making any effort to disappear on their own. Hope you all have a great weekend.
  3. Good morning. Most of our snow has finally melted, although it’s cold and there are flurries in today’s forecast. However....Friday’s predicted temperature is 69 degrees! I had an enjoyable time chatting with my older daughter yesterday afternoon. She and our grandkids came for lunch since her Dh was out of town. Dh and youngest Dd took the four oldest out hiking in the woods and the two youngest took naps. The kids were muddy when they got back, but they had lots of fun. Dd and I don’t often get an uninterrupted chance to chat. I don't have long to do list today, so I expect to have time to crochet. I would like to get that market bag finished. It’s going to be a bit smaller than I anticipated, I think, but it will be big enough to be functional. I could have finished it a few weeks ago.....I got bored......... Hope everyone has a nice, productive Monday.
  4. Mona, I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. Our fur babies really become a part of our families. Hugs. As for your six inch stack of patterns...I see your 6 inches and raise you a foot....... I have enough patterns printed off to crochet full time for many, many years. I might have enough yarn for that too! Plus there are all the patterns I gave on my iPad....and on my computer...and then there are all those magazines I’ve been meaning to sort through.......
  5. Good morning. Our snow is still here, but the sun is shining. More snow in the forecast. Oh well, spring will eventually show up...or so they say! todays plans involve grocery shopping, laundry and housework. I didn’t accomplish much yesterday, I hadn’t slept well, and just couldn’t motivate myself to do anything much. Hope you all all have a great day!
  6. Good evening. Busy, but enjoyable day at work today got to have a long chat with a former co-worker who now manages the patient relations department. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. Working again tomorrow. Mary, ds’s pups are just over a year old. The male is nearly 60 pounds, (very large for a Brittany), but he’s a big baby. The female is around 35 pounds, which is about average, and she is in charge. I’m sorry that the brother problems are rearing up again. Judy, the Detroit Tigers opening day was delayed by rain as well. We didn’t get any snow and just a little rain, but they got quite a bit of snow 40 miles north of us. My SIL in Indiana had 6 inches on the ground this morning. It’s been cold enough to snow here though. Brenda, we have had thunder snow a few times over the past few years. Very weird. hope everyone has a great evening.
  7. Hi ladies. We went over to our sons house for Easter dinner. Nothing traditional about his meal...steak and baked potatoes. The sun is shining here...but it is quite cold. Snow is in this weeks forecast, do a I think spring might not arrive for a while yet. Happy Easter!
  8. Good afternoon. The sun is shining here but it’s cold and the breeze makes it colder. Dh pointed out that I have nothing to complain about.....he says it’s cold enough to snow, so I guess it’s ok! Nothing much happening here. I’m still working on that market bag and knitting on a baby sweater, I lost a stitch somehow on the sweater and am debating about how best to fix it. I will probably just increase by one somewhere in the middle of the row. I don’t think it will show.....and if it does, the baby probably won’t complain. We have decided to re-carpet pretty much our entire house. We picked out carpet this morning, but have to go back to choose a color. We forgot to bring paint chips with us. However, while we were out, we bought a beautiful new stainless steel grill. Dh was planning to buy a new grill this spring. He had originally picked out this model at Amazon, but then decided instead to buy one at Lowes that cost $300 less. The one he got was clearance priced at Lowes because it was the floor model and they aren’t going to be selling that model any more. It was $200 less than at Amazon, plus we got 10% off for using their credit card, plus it is eligible for an 11% rebate in the form of a gift card. Dh was thrilled to get such a nice grill instead of the one he was planning to buy, but he felt a little guilty about buying a grill when we were planning to just buy carpeting. I told him it could be his birthday gift. Now I don’t have to shop!
  9. So very pretty. The colors just sing, they are so harmonious!
  10. Nice blankets...but totally eclipsed by those gorgeous girls!
  11. Hi ladies. Crazy busy again. I guess I will never learn my lesson. It’s cold heretoo, but nice and sunny. No snow left although I have heard some mumbling about snow this coming weekend. I’d like it if it was a little warmer, and so would Sophie, but at least it looks nice out there! I was out all morning ( meeting at work plus grocery shopping), and I’m already tired. I worked all weekend, and teach all day tomorrow. I have Wednesday free during the day at least. A couple of of weeks ago, we opened a new bank account with me as the primary owner. (This is so I can buy Dh a gift without him knowing immediately how much I spent. He is obsessive about keeping track of our finances, and he has everything set up to email him when there is activity.). Today they called me to ask if I was having problems with it. I asked why? they said because I hadn't spent any money out of it! I thought that was extremely funny! I guess Dh gave them the impression that I wanted to buy a lot of things! Currently I have banned buying yarn or fabric for myself, and those are the two things I am most likely to buy at the moment. I will buy mil yarn....and Ive been tempted, but I literally have two large 6 foot tall cabinets filled with yarn, and undoubtedly there are a few bags and boxes of yarn around as well. I could probably crochet full time for a year without buying anything. That said....I did take a stroll down the yarn aisle at Meijer this morning...... Chris, I enjoy mindless crocheting. The only problem is that it gets boring if it’s too big a project. Judy, that is pretty yarn.....and it does look like an Easter decoration. have a great day, ladies.
  12. Wow, Judy, that is a lot of snow. Glad it’s you and not us! Sparkle appears to like snow!
  13. Good morning. Sunny and cold here....but no snow in our forecast, at least not until the weekend. For those in the path of bad weather, stay safe! Housework is on my to do list today. We are planning to go out for dinner tonight and then out to the lake so Dh can take sunset pictures. I plan to get in my daily exercise by walking the length of the boardwalk. It’s about a mile and a half long, but I will need to walk it both ways to get back to the car. Have a great day, ladies!
  14. Hi ladies. Worked today, and also work tomorrow. It’s been very busy. I’m off until the weekend after tomorrow. Taxes here are done, and refunds have been deposited. Brenda, we went to a retirement seminar at my work last fall. They had representatives from social security and Medicare there, as well as a bunch of other speakers. We learned a lot. Be prepared to take notes. I think you will get a lot of good information. Mary, glad your time with the boys was fun. Hope your lunch was great as well. Its still springlike weather here. However....I hear rumors of snow for the weekend..... we Sophie will be disappointed. She is over 13 years old and cold weather isn’t her favorite. Since it’s been so nice, she’s been running around in the woods and just generally enjoying the outdoors. When it’s cold and snowy, she just sits around. Mona, regarding the size of that market bag....I purposely sized down. I started with a shorter chain. I didn’t count, but I was aiming for somewhere between 16 and 18 inches in length. Have a a great evening, my friends.
  15. Hope everyone is enjoying the day. It’s beautiful springlike weather here. We went for a walk, and grilled burgers for lunch. I even sat outside for a half hour or so. (It’s almost hot if you are out of the wind and in the sun.
  16. Looks like Sparky and Lucy think it's spring!
  17. Good morning. It’s sunny today, (but cold), after a day of off and on snow yesterday. I am ashamed to admit that I did start a new project yesterday, a market bag. I told myself that it would be useful, and since I have lots of yarn, it didn’t really cost me anything. At least it didn’t cost anything yesterday! I started out with this pattern, https://www.twoofwands.com/blog/french-market-bag, but I thought the holes were a bit too big, so I am doing a double crochet mesh instead of the triple crochet one in the pattern. I like how this bag opens nearly flat. My version will be smaller, but if it actually works as well as I think it will, I might make a larger one for dd to use as a beach bag. Chris, that’s a lot of snow! I’m so glad that didn’t happen here! I’m eagerly awaiting spring! Mona, I’ve always wondered about that too. I like a little breathing room. The little lakes about a mile from here has a lot of tiny old summer cottages on it. People buy those when they come up for sale and take down the cottages. Then they somehow manage to squeeze a monster house on those tiny lots. When there are several beside each other, you can’t even see the lake from the road. Lots of families are still hanging onto those 1940s cottages but it’s only a matter of time for most of them. Taxes are increasing and the new year round residents keep lobbying for changes, (like not allowing renting out your property). Brings down the neighborhood, you know! Have a great day, ladies,
  18. Hello ladies. I was going to say good morning, but I see it is already after noon here. No wonder I’m hungry. I’m actually a bit bored. I’ve been so busy for weeks that I don’t know what to do with myself. I could always find something to clean...but I don’t feel like it, and all the usual housework is done. I don’t feel like crafting. Well, I feel like starting something new, but I promised myself that I would resist until I finished at least two more WIPs. Judy, are you stil living in that same house? If so, that’s a pretty good return on your money. Real estate prices have shot up here as well, as I suppose it has in many areas. Our house is valued for tax purposes, at about ten times what it cost us to build it back in 1979, and we could sell off just a small part of our ten acres for way more than the land originally cost us. Unfortunately, some land owners in our area have cashed in on that boom in land value, and our quiet country neighborhood has become home to a few subdivisions. There one nearly across from us. The positive thing is that it only has 26 houses, all obscenely expensive, and it occupies 26 acres. I guess it really doesn’t decrease home values, but it sure makes the street busier. Our township has a two acre minimum lot size, although lately they seem to have had their eye on increasing their tax revenue, and therefore have been granting pretty much everyone who asks a variance, especially if theywant to build very expensive houses. We, and many of our neighbors spoke against granting the variance across the street, but apparently money talks louder............ hope everyone one has a great day!
  19. Hi ladies. Cold and snowy here. I am watching a video with my 5 year old grandson at the moment. It’s a bunch of Eric Carl’s books read aloud and animated. They are pretty cute. (The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and others.). He is enthralled! This morning we went out to breakfast and visited the butterfly exhibit at Frederick Meijer Gardens. They also have different art exhibits and right now, one of them is an interactive children’s exhibit. He loved that one. He was less impressed by the Beverly Pepper show of drawings and sculptures. I like a lot of modern art, but I have to say that I was not all that impressed either. Dh couldn’t believe that the woman ever got any positive feedback, he thought her work was just plain awful. I liked a few pieces, but most were black and white and many looked like a child’s scribbling. It often amazes me that people will buy some of that stuff. This stuff must not have been very commercially successful, since she donated over 900 items to the museum. Dgs’s favorite thong though was throwing snowballs into the pond! I guess little boys will always be little boys! Judy, I can’t remember where in NYC my brother in law grew up. By the time he met my sister, his family was living in New Jersey and his dad was commuting into the city. It didn’t sound like real estate was much more affordable out there though. Well, time to move onto a Curious George show.....
  20. Well, there’s a lot less than a mile between us and the neighbors. Our ten acres is about 400 feet wide, and so are the majority of the properties. Our neighbors are within hailing distance, if we could see them. This area is about ten miles from Grand Rapids, which is Michigans second largest city. (Almost it’s largest, if you consider that a fair part of Detroit is vacant!). I work in downtown GR, and it’s just under 13 miles to work. We bought the property when energy costs were at an all time high, and people simply didn’t want to live out here. Property values skyrocketed once energy costs went down, and the only reason that we can afford to live out here now is the fact that we bought before that happened. We were lucky, this is now one of the most desirable areas outside of the city, and property values reflect that. We are also within a mile or two of several lakes, and two snow skiing areas, which doesn’t hurt either. We are getting close to retirement age, so we hope that property areas in our neighborhood keep climbing, but we also hope that we can find something smaller that is very affordable when we decide that acres of property to maintain are too much for us. We want the best of both worlds!
  21. Hi ladies. We have gotten quite a bit of snow this week too, but our power has stayed on. At the moment it is snowing, but I think it’s supposed to come to an end by morning. My cousin in New Jersey has been without power for a couple of days, and since their sump pump isn’t working, they are bailing water from their basement with dish pans. (Luckily, they have teenagers to help!). I don’t think they expect to get power back in the near future either. Judy, that blanket is really pretty. I haven’t seen that yarn. (I am on a yarn diet.) Our neighborhood isn’t quite as cohesive as you are describing. Part of that is probably the fact that nearly everyone lives on either 5 or 10 acre lots, so we are pretty spread out. However, we do have several good and helpful neighbors, ( the next properties over, and the family across the street, who actually live on a 26 acre property), and I guess that’s still better than a lot of neighborhoods. This area consists of very hilly, and heavily wooded land. This makes it harder to get to know your neighbors, since we don’t really ever see them. We are all hidden from view on our respective acreages. Up until a year ago, one of dh’s cousins and his family lived a few houses down, but they remodelled their house and sold it for about a $200,000 profit! I would have sold too, if I could make that much! They are hoping to be able to repeat that with another house. One of my brothers in law is from NYC, and the first time that he visited us, he was totally amazed at our neighborhood. Apparently he hadn’t seen anything remotely like it in his life, unless it was a really wealthy neighborhood. He told my sister that we sure didn’t act like rich people, but he assumed that we must be, because of the size of our property. I’m not sure how he fit our very ordinary house into that picture. Maybe he though all of our money went into the land. Our neighborhood is very eclectic. There are 1950s ranch houses and million dollar houses side by side. I suppose it could have seemed a bit confusing, and probably even somewhat wasteful, to a person who grew up in the hustle and bustle of a very large and busy city, where real estate is much more valuable than it is here. I’m really looking forward to my 6 days off, which starts tomorrow. We plan to visit mil tomorrow evening, we have friends coming to dinner on Saturday, and a grandson making his birthday visit on Monday. Have a a great evening ladies.
  22. Hi ladies. Very busy, but good day at work today. I work again Thursday. It snowed here here last night and off and on all day. Most of it has melted but it’s supoosed to snow off and on through Thursday. Hopefully that will be the end of it. The roads were very slick this morning, but fine when I came home. enjoy your evening.
  23. https://www.amazon.com/Stanley-Pretty-Pink-Scrubby-Sponges/dp/B071WKQRCY/ref=sr_1_10_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1520114698&sr=1-10&keywords=dish+scrubbies is this the sort of scrubbiest you mean?
  24. I bought a bathing suit from Amazon last year. It was free shipping and free return with Amazon Prime, so I decided to take a chance. It fit perfectly. (Also it only cost $23). I detest going shopping, and buy a lot of things online. Once you know which brands fit you, it’s often easier than rummaging through clothing racks in the store. Once or twice a year I go to the outlet mall and every once in a long while I go shopping with one of my daughters. Otherwise, I replenish my wardrobe via online shopping or I go without. I do go shoe shopping in person though.
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