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  1. Good morning. It’s been mostly bitterly cold here for the past few days. We have had snow and ice, and then yesterday afternoon it got warm enough for some rain and ice mixed. Glad I got to stay home yesterday. It’s back to bitterly cold again with snow on the way. I have to work tomorrow, hopefully it’s not much snow. 


    I made more premie hats hats this weekend. What a good way to use up yarn leftover from other projects.  I ought to be working on UFOs though.  Still, I can now say that I have 9 finishes for the year!:)


    Brenda, I can’t imagine making 100 thread ornaments. Just the thought of it makes my hands hurt!


    Mary, yes, we got out to dinner on Saturday.  Mil is doing okay physically, they are working on allowing her to walk without staff standing by.  Mentally, she is failing.  She seems more confused every time we see her.  Dh and I think that the private room that we are paying extra for is part of the reason.  She pretty much refuses to leave it, except for meals, so she is always sitting in there by herself.   All that isolation can’t be good for her.


    Judy, that must be a wonderful scene when there are lots of boats. It looks pretty nice when it’s mostly ice!


    Mona, my brother in law has MGUS.  His vision has really taken a hit, and his numbers are getting worse as well. He had a negative bone marrow biopsy in December though.  Fingers crossed for your Dh.

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  2. 12 hours ago, segi1974 said:

    these hats are so cute.  I wanted to start making preemie hats with my blankets.  Do you have a pattern for the hats?


    I used this pattern for those hats. The bigger ones have an extra increase round.



    There is a hat sizing guide on this site too, so you could even make up your own pattern.   I often do the first two rounds of this pattern and then use a different stitch pattern to finish the hat.  



    I have also used this one:



    and this one:


  3. Good morning.  Snowing here and very cold.  Our snow isn’t supposed to amount to too much, 4 to 6 inches.  Around here that isnt enough to affect most peoples plans.  ( except mine, if I don’t need to get out in it, I don’t!)   We do have plans to have dinner with friends tonight but I won’t have to drive.  The snow should be finished by then.


    Not much going on around here.  That virus I had a week or two ago really hit me hard and it’s taken me all this time to get things caught up around the house. Thursday was the first time I went grocery shopping since before Christmas!  Luckily I keep a full freezer and pantry.  We didn’t go without!  Dh picked up fresh fruit and some veggies once as well.  


    On Thursday evening we visited mil and we cleaned up her yarn. She had a lot of  project left overs that she wanted to get rid of. I took them home with plans to either discard or donate. I ended up making 6 premie hats out of some of it yesterday.  Hope you all have a great weekend.



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  4. I’m back!  Hopefully this will be the year that I finish that log cabin afghan. I also got the bright idea of making all 7 of my Grandchildren a zip up hoodie. I even bought the pattern already. I also bought the pattern in both adult men and women sizes.  If I finish the grandkids, I want to make them for hubby and my children as well.  

  5. Good morning. I’ve been missing, had the worst sinus infection and it took forever to resolve.  However, it’s mich better, finally!


    Judy, Im so sorry that you were so sick and had to be hospitalized.  It’s great that you have a doctor you trust, and that cares enough to be thorough. 


    Its been the oddest weather here so far this winter. Hardly any snow and temperatures that are above freezing most of the time.  Usually we have had several feet of snow by this time. I’d be surprised if we have had even a foot so far. Currently there is snow on the ground but it’s supposed to be 45 here today, so I think most of it should melt.


    I have not done any crocheting or any other crafty thing for at least two weeks.  Actually, I have done pretty much nothing.  I did get all the Christmas stuff put away last night though.  Today I hope to catch up on laundry.  We had planned to go to DDs for dinner, but something came up for them, so that was cancelled. We are considering driving out to a Lake Michigan later this afternoon and walking the boardwalk. We will eat dinner out there someplace.  It’s supposed to get sunny.  (Also unusual for winter in Michigan!)


    Have a great weekend!

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  6. Hi ladies. Christmas madness is finally over here,  I still don’t feel well. I went to work on Wednesday and that seemed to start it up all over again.  I think it’s improving, but very slowly.


    I haven’t done much of anything to speak of since Wednesday except sleep. Today I have to do laundry though.  It’s piling up!  


    Hope everyone else else is well.

  7. Hello ladies. I’ve been sick all week, finally feeling a lot better today. Other than a quick run to the grocery store, I am set for Christmas.  This is my weekend to work, so it’s pronably a good thing I’m ready.  


    We cleaned out mil’s room at assisted living yesterday. She won’t be able to go back there.  She’s a bit sad about that, but she isn’t able to do much for herself anymore.  Most of the cleaning involved purging her clothes.  I don’t know where she got all those clothes because she has no money and hasn’t been able to shop in at least two years.  She went from a 5 foot wide closet and a huge dresser in assisted living to an 18 inch wide closet and five small drawers in the nursing home.  I took a huge boxful of spring and summer clothes home and will  exchange them for her fall and winter clothes when needed.  Despite that, though we had four huge boxes full to donate, plus several giant bags of trash.  That did not include her desk drawers, which were so full that we could barely open them.  We boxed that all up and my brother in law will sort through the stuff as he has time.  Chances are good that it’s mostly trash.  Mil saved everything she got her hands on.  I must say....I now have the urge to purge!  


    Judy, so sorry about your friends death.




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  8. Hi ladies. Nothing new here.  Christmas gifts are being wrapped as they arrive, the tree is up, and I think I have everything under control.  


    Mil is doing somewhat better, especially mentally.  I haven’t seen her in a few days, but my sister in law said she phoned her on Sunday.  It’s been awhile since she called anyone.  We are hoping she is well enough to come for Christmas dinner.  


    Mary, I’m sorry Dh is injured....but it is kind of funny that he exaggerates it if he thinks you are watching!


    Mona, I thought those princess afghans were adorable. A lot of young girls , (and some Oder ones too) would love those.


    Brenda, that’s how I buy yarn too, just sort of randomly and rarely with a specific purpose in mind.


    I was hoping to go to another Christmas concert this weekend, but my family Christmas party was moved from Friday to Saturday, so we will miss it.  I guess Dh has humored me enough....although he told me he actually really enjoyed the concert last weekend.  I’ll turn him into a Christmas music lover yet!

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  9. Hi ladies.  Mil was back in the hospital again this week.  Currently she is in the nursing home section where her assisted living place is. She is very weak, and although she says she wants to go back to assisted living, she’s not all that motivated to work with the physical therapists.  She’s never been very ambitious.  


    Brenda, I think we’ve had a lot of snow already too.


    Mona, so sorry about the fall.  My hand still hurts if I move it wrong and it’s been at least two weeks since I fell in the garage.  And poor DH, I just had a colonoscopy in November.  The day before is no fun!


    Mary, I made an afghan using that vintage stripes pattern a year or two ago. I really liked how it worked up.  WTG on your Etsy success!


    Judy...ugh...sewing squares.....  However, I’m sure they will look great when you’ve got them together.


    On Tuesday evening we went to the local Botanical gardens to hear their strolling carolers.  They were great, but wow, was it ever busy there.  The carolers are going to be there every Tuesday until Christmas. Tomorrow we are going to a Christmas concert. (I love Christmas music, Dh is just humoring me!). 


    I just did most of the rest of my Christmas shopping on Amazon.  Plus I wrapped what I have already bought. I think that the only thing I still need to get is a hostess gift for my sister in law.  She has a sit down Christmas dinner  for our family every year. Typically she has about 60 guests there.  ( they have a huge house, her kitchen dining area easily seats 20 or more people, plus another 8 or 10 at the island.  Then they have a formal dining room, and she also sets up a table in the family room.). She has enough matching dishes for that many people too.  She does it twice every year, once for our family and again for hers.  Her side of the family is even bigger.  She loves to cook and entertain.  We bring appetizers, salads and desserts, but she also makes some of those things.  I’m tired just writing about it!





  10. Good morning. Still winter here. :(  freezing rain in the forecast.  Luckily I have nowhere to go today.


    Mil is making slow progress. Still confused but not quite as bad.  They finally figured out that she has pneumonia.  Hopefully she can go home in a few days. (She lives in assisted living in a nursing home.)  I think her confusion will improve faster if she is in a familiar environment.


    Mona have fun at your retreat.  Hope you get a lot accomplished.  I’m franticallly trying to finish an afghan that I started years ago, as a Christmas gift or DD2.  I don’t know why I always have to wait until the last minute......


    I also had big plans to make a quilted denim throw for ds. He wanted one that his dogs wouldn’t destroy.  


    Hope everyone is well!

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  11. Hi everyone. I haven’t been around, because I haven’t finished anything except a few charity hats. Well here we are heading into December and guess who decided that a crocheted afghan would be a perfect gift for DD2?  That’s right....me....sigh....I don’t know why I do this. I did this last year too.  


    At least I already have several afghans started, (I had 8 blocks out of 25 done on the one I chose to finish), so I’m hoping this is doable.  Here is one of the blocks  it’s a log cabin afghan, all the blocks are the same  I will probably do several at a time, assembly line fashion.  Sewing blocks together is not one of my favorite things to do, but I think it will be a great looking afghan.  Plus, all yarn is from my stash.



  12. Hi ladies. Lots of snow here, and it’s that wet slushy slippery stuff. I was scheduled to work today, but I got put on call. I went in at 12:15 and the roads were still pretty bad. They were quite a bit better when I came home at 4.


    My mil went into the hospital on Friday night with respiratory failure. They don’t know why she had that though.  It was touch and go over the weekend, but she’s doing a bit better today.  She is 90 and doesn’t want heroic measures so we thought we were going to lose her.  However, she is apparently stronger than we thought.  She is horribly confused though, which is unusual for her.  Hopefully she will get well enough to return to assisted living.


    This morning I decided to sort out WIPs.  It was embarrassing. Good thing I was alone!  There are a lot of them.  I don’t know of I mentioned it ever, but I misplaced most of my crochet hooks a few months ago.  I can find the cheapie plain metal ones, and I still have one of each size, but I haven’t found the rest of them. ( That’s really why I was sorting WIPS :))


    Brenda your weekend sounds festive and wonderful!


    Mary, my hand is much better, still tender but the swelling is gone and it’s better every day.

  13. Happy Friday. I didn’t set foot out of the house today.  I did purchase my oldest daughter an electric pressure cooker on Amazon though. Her birthday is in January.  


    Dh is making her and DSIL a farmhouse style table for her dining room for Christmas. My sister in law has a good friend who owns a company that makes parts for stairs.  She was getting rid of a lot of fancy stair posts that will be perfect for the table legs.  My brother was using them for firewood, And gave us four of them.


    Not much in the way of crafting going on here lately.  I fell in the garage on a Tuesday ( in too big of a hurry, and missed the step), and caught myself with my hand.  It’s swollen and bruised, but improving every day.  It’s not quite up to knitting or crocheting though.  Actually, I’ve been a couch potato. I read 8 books in the past week or so.  (I read fast, generally I can finish an average length book in four or five hours.  Of course the book has to really grab my interest for that to happen.)



  14. Hi ladies!  Cold here but at least it didn’t snow like they predicted.  Still waiting for the promised warm up!


    Mary, ds does paper plates!  Plus he has a dishwasher.


    Nothing much going on here, not even much crafting. I read four books last week though.  Every once in a while I get in a mood to do nothing but read.  


    Hope everyone one is having a good week.

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  15. Mona, I was pretty surprised when DS asked if he could have Thanksgiving at his house.  There will be at least 12 people there and that’s more than I can comfortably fit in my dining area.  His house has a huge open living, dining, and kitchen area.  He can easily seat 12 or more.  Plus he has a huge family room that is out of the way enough to keep the grandkids out of the way while he’s cooking.  At our house the kitchen is in the middle of the path to almost every room and I’m always tripping over somebody.  


    The sun is shining brightly here today!  It’s cold out, but I would think most of the snow will melt.  There’s not all that much left.


    I work tomorrow and then on Friday we will have our oldest grand daughter over for her birthday visit. She just turned four.   We plan to take her to Frederick Meijer gardens (they have a children’s garden, story time, etc.) and then to McDonalds, her idea of fine dining. (Grandma, did you know they put your food in a box with a toy?)  In the afternoon she will take a nap, (hopefully), and we will maybe bake something.  

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  16. Hi ladies. Still cold here and snowing off and on, but it’s supposed to “warm up” by the end of the week.  (Highs near 40!:))

    It’s been pretty quiet here.  I worked today.  We have a unit full of really sick patients, but my day was a lot less eventful than everyone else’s.  

     Ds has decided to host Thanksgiving.  All I need to do is bring mashed potatoes!  This might be my easiest Thanksgiving ever!  ( Ds is single but he has friends over for dinner a lot, and he likes to cook.).  He even has a dining area big enough for a crowd.  

    I have also managed to get quite a lot of Christmas shopping done already. I probably should get busy with wrapping paper......

    Hope you are all doing well.

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