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  1. That turned out really nice. In fact it doesn't look like its using up scraps at all.

    I like your idea about measuring how much yarn a row needs. I'd always be worried that I'd run out just before I got to the end of a row.

  2. I only recently started to crochet, and wouldn't have thought of crocheting for charity, until I found this board. I have started a box for hats and mittens for a local organization that gives Christmas gifts to needy children in our community. They try to give each child a hat and mittens, along with a toy. So far I have 4 hats and a pair of mittens in there.

    I am also going to make some things for the crisis pregnancy center, and some lapghans for the local veterans facility. I figure lapghans will be a good way to use up leftover yarn.

  3. I live about 15 miles outside of Grand Rapids, near the town of Rockford. My mom taught me to crochet years ago, but I only recently picked it back up. I just taught my 17 year old daughter to crochet and for her second project she decided to make a sweater.

  4. I've only been crocheting for a short time and I already have several WIPs:

    -a ripple afghan which I was just planning to work on until my stash of 10 cent a skein acrylic ran out (bought it years ago at a going out of business sale)

    -a huge granny square afghan

    -a cardigan that just needs sewing together and some edging done

    -a childs hat

    -a purse


    I love to start new projects. I am the same way with my quilting..I currently have 4 quilts in various stages too. Good thing my dh is so supportive of my craft materials buying.

  5. I am planning to line the bag. I hadn't thought of using my sewing machine to secure the ends. I will try either that or the craft glue, and I will just knot the ends together. I think the yarn is too slippery to just add a new skein without joining the threads together somehow.


    Thanks for the suggestions.

  6. What is the best way to join nylon yarn? I am making a purse and need to start a new skein. The yarn I am using is Coats and Clark nylon and it unravels very easily. I have had to tie a knot in the end to keep it from unravelling right up to the start of the work. I think I will have to do soemthing to the ends too before I weave them in, maybe rub a little craft glue on them so something???

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