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  1. Hi from Michigan. I've learned a lot here already just in the few weeks that I've been posting here.
  2. Welcome from Michigan. I'm pretty new here too, and can spend hours reading on these boards. My husband is quite supportive of my crocheting (and all the other crafts I dabble in). He says everyone needs a hobby.
  3. Well, I'm glad to know that because I think I'm really going to like this afghan.
  4. MY first time at this, and it sounds like so much fun. It'll be so much fun to send things, and I see a lot of wishes I can grant already! My list: -any handmade Christmas ornaments, especially snowmen and snowflakes (but anything would be great) -a note or postcard from you. I'd love to hear about a special holiday tradition or recipe that you have -any crocheted or sewn purse pattern...I especially like the drewstring pattern from the crochetdude, but I just like to make purses in general -drewstring purse pattern received, thanks, -bookmark patterns received, thanks -Julia purse pattern received, thanks!! -any quilt pattern, especially applique -crocheted kitchen item (such as dishcloth, potholder, etc.) -handmade bookmark -"cozy type" mystery novel (used is fine) -old crochet magazines or leaflets -crocheted flowers
  5. What a lovely afghan. I really like your choice of colors.
  6. Oooh, that's pretty.
  7. Gardener

    Fireman Bear

    Very cute bear.
  8. Gardener


    That is absolutely beautiful. Yammy is a lucky person!
  9. I have finished my first two squares, but I'm finding that the squares are a little "wavy". I'm wondering if they will straighten out once they're sewn together.
  10. I'm pretty new here too, and I hadn't seen that site before. Thanks for sharing. There are some really neat patterns there, especially the hats. I can hardly believe they're crocheted!
  11. Very pretty. I liked that bolero the minute I saw it in the book, but my skills aren't up to that yet. Someday.....
  12. I love this afghan and would like to join in. I'm pretty new at crocheting, but I think I undersatand the pattern. Do you think this is achievable for a newbie?
  13. Gardener

    More hats

    Those hats are great. I love the style.
  14. I love your case. it turned out really nice. You've inspired me too. I nearly bought a case yesterday, but decided it wasn't very nice for the money. It was plastic and cost around $10. I have just printed out the pattern you chose and I'm going to give it a try this afternoon. Thanks.
  15. For people who like to crochet in rounds, here is a rectangular granny square pattern. It works out to about 6x8 but a sc edging made mine 7x9. http://www.jpfun.com/patterns/01granny/rectanglegranny.shtml
  16. I think its beautiful. You have a good eye for combining colors.
  17. Gardener

    Summer hat

    Beautiful hat! Have fun!
  18. That turned out really nice. In fact it doesn't look like its using up scraps at all. I like your idea about measuring how much yarn a row needs. I'd always be worried that I'd run out just before I got to the end of a row.
  19. http://www.crochetme.com/June_July_2005/patt_flowers.htm There are several here.
  20. I only recently started to crochet, and wouldn't have thought of crocheting for charity, until I found this board. I have started a box for hats and mittens for a local organization that gives Christmas gifts to needy children in our community. They try to give each child a hat and mittens, along with a toy. So far I have 4 hats and a pair of mittens in there. I am also going to make some things for the crisis pregnancy center, and some lapghans for the local veterans facility. I figure lapghans will be a good way to use up leftover yarn.
  21. I live about 15 miles outside of Grand Rapids, near the town of Rockford. My mom taught me to crochet years ago, but I only recently picked it back up. I just taught my 17 year old daughter to crochet and for her second project she decided to make a sweater.
  22. I've only been crocheting for a short time and I already have several WIPs: -a ripple afghan which I was just planning to work on until my stash of 10 cent a skein acrylic ran out (bought it years ago at a going out of business sale) -a huge granny square afghan -a cardigan that just needs sewing together and some edging done -a childs hat -a purse I love to start new projects. I am the same way with my quilting..I currently have 4 quilts in various stages too. Good thing my dh is so supportive of my craft materials buying.
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