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  1. Happy Friday. I didn’t set foot out of the house today. I did purchase my oldest daughter an electric pressure cooker on Amazon though. Her birthday is in January. Dh is making her and DSIL a farmhouse style table for her dining room for Christmas. My sister in law has a good friend who owns a company that makes parts for stairs. She was getting rid of a lot of fancy stair posts that will be perfect for the table legs. My brother was using them for firewood, And gave us four of them. Not much in the way of crafting going on here lately. I fell in the garage on a Tuesday ( in too big of a hurry, and missed the step), and caught myself with my hand. It’s swollen and bruised, but improving every day. It’s not quite up to knitting or crocheting though. Actually, I’ve been a couch potato. I read 8 books in the past week or so. (I read fast, generally I can finish an average length book in four or five hours. Of course the book has to really grab my interest for that to happen.)
  2. Hope you all had a goodThanksgiving Day. We certainly did!
  3. Hi ladies! Cold here but at least it didn’t snow like they predicted. Still waiting for the promised warm up! Mary, ds does paper plates! Plus he has a dishwasher. Nothing much going on here, not even much crafting. I read four books last week though. Every once in a while I get in a mood to do nothing but read. Hope everyone one is having a good week.
  4. Mona, I was pretty surprised when DS asked if he could have Thanksgiving at his house. There will be at least 12 people there and that’s more than I can comfortably fit in my dining area. His house has a huge open living, dining, and kitchen area. He can easily seat 12 or more. Plus he has a huge family room that is out of the way enough to keep the grandkids out of the way while he’s cooking. At our house the kitchen is in the middle of the path to almost every room and I’m always tripping over somebody. The sun is shining brightly here today! It’s cold out, but I would think most of the snow will melt. There’s not all that much left. I work tomorrow and then on Friday we will have our oldest grand daughter over for her birthday visit. She just turned four. We plan to take her to Frederick Meijer gardens (they have a children’s garden, story time, etc.) and then to McDonalds, her idea of fine dining. (Grandma, did you know they put your food in a box with a toy?) In the afternoon she will take a nap, (hopefully), and we will maybe bake something.
  5. Hi ladies. Still cold here and snowing off and on, but it’s supposed to “warm up” by the end of the week. (Highs near 40!:)) It’s been pretty quiet here. I worked today. We have a unit full of really sick patients, but my day was a lot less eventful than everyone else’s. Ds has decided to host Thanksgiving. All I need to do is bring mashed potatoes! This might be my easiest Thanksgiving ever! ( Ds is single but he has friends over for dinner a lot, and he likes to cook.). He even has a dining area big enough for a crowd. I have also managed to get quite a lot of Christmas shopping done already. I probably should get busy with wrapping paper...... Hope you are all doing well.
  6. It’s snowing here, there’s an inch or so on the ground and a winter storm warning for tonight. Luckily, we got our leaves and garage cleaned up yesterday. Guess who has to work tomorrow? I hate driving in snow! Judy, the baby surprise jacket is knit. That’s why I think it’s such an amazing design. I don’t understand much about how knitting stitches work so I was doubtful about it turning into anything when I saw how it was turning out. I. Fact, I considered frogging it. The only thing that deterred me was all the hours I had already put into it. The Hitchhiker scarf is very simple. Straight knitting with increases at one end and you bind off five stitches every 8th row to get the “teeth”. I have the pattern memorized.
  7. Hi ladies. Home from vacation. Now I need a rest from vacation! It was very busy! I finished the baby surprise jacket, except that I haven’t sewn it together yet. I want to show it to my mother in law before I do that. It really is a marvel of engineering and I am in awe of the designer, Elizabeth Zimmerman. While we were gone I started another Hitchhiker scarf. It’s also an easy knit. I am a super slow knitter, so I often choose a knitting project for vacation because then I only need to bring one or two skeins of yarn at the most. If I crochet, I can get through a lot of yarn in 12 hours on the car! It has been cold and rainy here since we got home. We had dinner at church tonight and people were saying that we are supposed to get accumulating snow by the weekend. Hopefully not....but I guess it’s coming.
  8. We are in the Smokies and there isn’t much color here, although they say there is more higher up in the mountains.
  9. Hello ladies. Very definitely fall here! However, it’s been nice and sunny for the past few days. We are leaving for the Smokies tomorrow bright and early....well early anyway. I’m not sure how bright I will be. Dh is a morning person. He will be ready to get moving at the first sign of dawn. I all packed except for a few things that will need to go in at the last minute. Hoping that the fall color is good down there. I read that it’s late this year. Hope everyone one is having a great week.
  10. Good morning. Heavy frost here yesterday, but not today. It’s been very windy as well. We cleared leaves off the grass last weekend, but it needs it again. (A drawback of living in the woods.). Our grandsons birthday visit went well. He really enjoyed himself. He had a soccer game at 6 and we just barely got to the park on time. Traffic was just awful. His mom, DD was late and she said traffic coming from their house was the worst she had ever seen. They live about 5 minutes away and it took her nearly 40 minutes to get there. Not many players were there yet though, the traffic seemed to have slowed everyone down. I have to work this weekend and then I have the next 19 days off. I’m looking forward to it! Joanne, I’m so glad you had a great birthday. Have a a great weekend.
  11. Hello ladies. Definitely fall here. Our temperatures got down to freezing last night. Nothing much going on here. I have the next three days off. I have a dental appointment tomorrow and a grandson coming for his birthday visit on Thursday. We hope to go to a corn maze with him. Have a a great evening.
  12. Hi ladies. Cold and very gloomy here with frost in the forecast. Not to mention the drizzle that has been falling all day, making it feel even colder than it is. At least the dust doesn’t show! I have had two overly busy days at work, so I’m beat. I have the weekend off and work again Monday and a Tuesday. However.....it’s less than two weeks before we go on vacation! I feel like I need to get away, but I think a lot of that is just anticipation. I am working on a lap blanket for charity. It’s part of my effort to use up stash. It calls for bulky weight yarn, and I have a fair bit of that in my stash. 2 of 4 skeins are done. hope you all are having a great evening.
  13. Good Monday morning. It’s supposed to be to 80 here today, after yesterday being in the 40’s. Still raining off and on. Nothing exciting happening here. I am still working on stash busting. I made three chemo hats last week, and now I’m working on a lapghan. Plus I sorted out my two shelves of pattern books and got that down to less than half a shelf. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I bought all of those. I’m much more likely to look online for patterns, and buy a digital one. Dd met a mom at soccer who loves to knit and crochet, but can not afford to buy yarn unless she finds it at thrift stores or yard sales. Despite this, she gifted Dd and our oldest grand daughter with scarves that she made for them. Dd says she is going to gift her with some yarn, so I am going to go through mine and give it to Dd to give to her. I’m going to give her the pattern books as well. She can donate what she won’t use. Now if Dd would just meet a quilter.....l. I'm expecting the youngest grand kids and DD pretty soon. They come over for a few hours nearly every Monday, while the oldest boys take a math and a gym class at a nearby church. (Our grandkids are homeschooled, but they take a few formal classes as well.) hope everyone one is having a great day!
  14. Hi ladies. Cold and rainy again. Guess fall is really here! Brenda, sending good thoughts for your sister. I made a hat today to donate donate to a cancer charity and in the process I also made a golfballs for my blanket! (so much for working on WIPs ). Actually, I can’t find my crochet hooks. Well, that’s not strictly speaking true. I found 11 size H hooks and 7 size G hooks, plus a few stragglers. I probably own at least 75 hooks in various styles. None of the ones I found are my favorite hooks though. I can’t figure out what happened to them. I have looked everywhere with no luck. Guess I will buy more. I’m sure the old ones will turn up then. Dd has invited us over for pizza tonight, so I have brownies in the oven to take over. She is making apple crisp, but the grandkids don’t care for it. Here is the hat. (my photography skills suck!)
  15. Hello ladies. I’m done with work for the week. I even went grocery shopping on my way home, just so I could stay home tomorrow. Mary, sounds like an emotionally trying several weeks for you. I’m glad Dd was able to drive to this last funeral. I hate traffic and avoid it if I can. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much unavoidable here. Grand Rapids is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and it’s infrastructure isn’t keeping up with its growth. My twelve mile commute can take over an hour in the afternoon. It used to take 20 minutes. Colette, good luck with the craft show. It always looks like knitters and crocheters do pretty well at the craft shows here. (I don’t sell, but I buy!). One of DD’s friends sells stuff she sees and she does very well. I need to dig dig out a WIP to work on. I have to “make” some more little yarn balls for my knit blanket! :)
  16. Hi ladies. Hope you are all doing well. I have over scheduled myself again and it seems all I do is run from commitment to commitment. It seems I never learn! I think it will settle down after next week. Meanwhile, I am just about keeping on top of laundry and the bare minimum of housework. I have managed to use up all my all my “golf balls” on that blanket I am knitting. It’s only about a foot long. I will have to make a few things so that I have more leftover yarn, I guess. Actually there is probably lots more in the bags and boxes in my sewing room. Nothing much to report here. My shingles vaccine symptoms took nearly a week to settle down. I hear that those things were nothing compared to shingles though.
  17. Thanks. Last year a guy from our church had a really bad case if it, and so did a former co-worker. West Nile is no joke. I have been staying inside. Usually mosquitoes don’t care much for me but this bunch does. I got the second shingles vaccine yesterday and I have nearly every side effect listed. Sigh. The first one wasn’t near as bad. Every part of me aches, my arm is red and swollen, it hurts to walk and all I want to do is sleep. However, the pain actually keeps me awake. This has not been a very productive day. Still, it’s better than getting shingles! I am scheduled to work tomorrow, but if this keeps up I will be staying home.
  18. Good morning. It’s starting to look like fall here. I noticed yesterday that the leaves are starting to turn. However it’s been extremely hot and the mosquitos are the worst that they have been all summer. We can’t be outside for more than a few minutes at a time. Mary, yes, we will be going to the mountains at the end of October. We are looking forward to it. Nothing much to report on the crafting front, just working on WIPs, but nothing close to finished. Hope you all all have a great day.
  19. Hi ladies. It’s been so busy around here lately. Dr appointments for routine stuff mostly. Also very busy at work. Plus, I am trying to deep clean the whole house. And... a lot of extra educational stuff at work eating up my time. We are going on vacation in 5 weeks. I am so ready! I keep telling myself to quit volunteering for so many things. One of these days I might even listen to myself!:) Happy anniversary Brenda. Hope your recovery continues to go well. It will be 39 years for us in October. The years have certainly gone by quickly! Judy those colors in that blanket are wonderful!
  20. Good morning. After a few very hot and humid days, we are enjoying a nice cool day. It’s gloomyand threatening rain. We have had a fair bit of rain over the past couple of weeks after no rain to speak of for a couple of months. Brenda, hope things are going well. Mona, safe travels. I hate driving in rain, (although it’s ok being a passenger, unless the visibility is pretty much zero, then I am an annoying passenger!) Brenda and Mary, I have heard of Sprouts but I haven’t ever even seen one. I’m not crazy about grocery shopping, so I don’t generally go to more than one store. It’s usually ALDI or the independent grocery store that is less than a mile away. About once a month I make a special trip to Meijers for things that I can’t get at either of the other stores. Here is my ugly knitted throw that I am making to use up my yarn bits and pieces. Lots of scraps left to go still. Dd commented that it would have worked well as a scarf. It’s about 9 inches long and close to 48 inches wide. It won’t be done for a long time, since I knit so slowly, but it’s mindless and easy.
  21. Good morning. The day started out gloomy and rainy here, so we cancelled our plans to go to a flea market. Of course...now the sun is shining brightly. It’s very humid though, we probably would have given up walking around there within an hour. Anyhow, that means no plans for today. However, dh got up at the butt crack of dawn and got in the shower. I assumed that that meant that he wanted to go, despite the weather, so I got up too. I’m already thinking about a nap! Brenda, we remodeled our kitchen 3 years ago. I still can’t find some stuff! My dh is very good at reheating leftovers and grilling. He actually likes to cook, but he isn’t always very good at following directions. Plus, he could never cook more than one thing at a time. Whenever I make a meal that freezes well, I make double and freeze the leftovers. That way, we have easy meals on the days I work. Joanne, have fun with your brother and sister in law. Enjoy the day, ladies.
  22. Good morning. Rainy day here. Joanne, so glad to see you check in. Such a difficult time for you. Hugs. Enjoy those grandsons! Brenda, hope the cataract surgery goes well. Last Monday morning, a good friend died, somewhat unexpectedly. She had been seriously ill, but she was improving. The funeral was Saturday. There were so many people there that they had to open another section of the chapel, and even then, they put out more chairs and some people were still standing. It was an indication of the kind of person she was. I’ve been running around every day for a week and a half, mostly stuff to do with work, but also a few dr appointments. I taught a class yesterday, and have to go to one today. Then I plan to grocery shop. Tomorrow I am staying home all day! My house is a mess, my laundry is behind..... and I am so tired. I’m one of those people that need some downtime here and there. well, I’d better go get ready to leave the house, I want to pick up prescriptions before I go to work.
  23. Retirement is a huge life change for sure. Do wants me to retire, but I’m not quite ready. My target is next summer, but we will see. DH has no plans to retire for a few years yet, unless something forces him to.
  24. I was excited to get glasses too....of course I changed my mind a few years later!
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