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  1. Good morning. Beautiful day here, a bit cool, but clear and sunny.  I have finished my chores and the last load of laundry is in.  I intend to read and crochet the afternoon away, probably out on the patio. 

    Tomorrow is youngest Dd’s Birthday.  We are all going out to dinner at a local lakefront restaurant tonight to celebrate. Hopefully we can get there early enough to eat out on their deck.

  2. Marisa, good to see you again!  Congrats on your marriage.   I have some storage cubes a lot like those you have with the doors. I have them in our master closet for folded clothes.


    I went shopping and out for lunch with oldest Dd and my grand daughters today.  No time for crafting. I did bake banana and pumpkin bread this evening though.  I was going to make cookies, but they are a lot more work.  We are having dh’s siblings and their spouses over tomorrow and I wanted to have some snacks stuff for that.


    Mona, that is crazy hot. It only got up to 75 here today, and right now it’s around 60.  My idea of perfect weather! 

  3. Hi ladies. Wow, take a few days away from here, and it explodes!  I’ve been working outside and cleaning in the basement storage area.  There is so much stuff down there!  Lots of it either belongs to Dh or mil brought it over and it has dh’s name on it.  Our children have all been out of the house for years, but they still have stuff down there as well.  I need that space......for my stuff!


    Really, nothing much going on here. Everyday I knit or crochet or sew a little but I haven’t finished anything.  

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  4. On 8/11/2019 at 4:58 PM, NCcountrygal said:

    Thank you, Cindy.  The one in the background was made in the 70s and gifted to my mom.  She gave it to me a few years ago.  I made a similar one but not as nice as the one by her friend.

    The one my Grandma made was pretty much the same colors as yours.

  5. 15 hours ago, greyhoundgrandma said:

     I have a coke in the freezer getting slushy and cookies in the oven. That ought to cure anything.

    Sounds like that’s exactly what the doctor ordered!


    so here I am.....procrastinating on the housework once again.  It’s another gorgeous day here.  Warm but breezy, low humidity.  I don’t want to stay inside and clean. However, I also want to come home to a clean house after next weeks camping trip.  Guess I should clean the camper a bit as well.  It’s been 2 years since we went camping and Dh has been working in there.  It didn’t look too bad when I checked it out, but I’m sure a bit of elbow grease won’t hurt it.


    We had a lovely evening at the beach. We ran into friends while walking to the lighthouse, and ending up sitting and talking for quite a while.  The sunset over the lake was pretty, but not as spectacular as it often is.  Clouds obscured a lot of it.  There was a huge ship making its way through the channel while we were walking.  It’s only the second time I have seen one going through there and both times were this summer. Dh grew up going there and said he never saw one before this summer either.


    enjoy your weekend.

  6. Hi ladies.  Lovely weather here, warm but with a nice breeze. As soon as Dh gets ready we are going to the beach.  Not to swim, but to sit and people watch and watch the sun set.  Maybe we will watch the musical fountain as well. https://ghfountain.com/   We will pack a picnic supper.  It’s too nice to be inside.  It’s better for my weight loss program too!


    Welcome NCcountrygal.  I always visit Crochetville on my iPad.  The newest version actually looks a little less cluttered to me. I don’t visit every forum by a long shot  sometimes at night in bed, I look at all the pretty projects, but otherwise, I mostly just come here.  I don’t spend much time online in the summer, so I’ve not been very active lately.  That will probably change when I spend more time indoors.


    Its been such nice weather here that I have been outside all week.  My housework has suffered, but Ive been crocheting, gardening and reading.  Next week we are going camping for a few days  hopefully the weather stays like this.


    hope you are all doing well.


  7. So, I am on a mission to cut down my craft supplies stash.  Yarn and fabric are my downfalls, especially yarn.  When I was sorting through the yarn, I came across the square that makes the center of this throw.  I don’t remember why I made it, and of course there wasn’t any matching yarn to be found, so I just grabbed a few skeins of yarn that I hoped wouldn’t clash, and simply crocheted around it in DC.  When I ran out of the colored yarn, I finished it with reverse HDC.  


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  8. Good morning. Not terribly hot here, but quite humid.  Rain is in the forecast and we need it.  Seems kind of bad to say that, since Lake Michigan water levels are dangerously high and there have been quite a few drownings there since the beginning of summer.  


    I finished the small throw finally. Now I am busy knitting the leftovers from that project into my leftovers blanket.  I attached a picture, but I was too lazy to take it upstairs, so it’s draped over my ironing board.


    Mary, I was wondering where you were!  Hope you get to enjoy a quieter week!


    Brenda, I am tired just looking at your plans for the week!  If hubby drives, you will have lots of time to crochet though!




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  9. Hi ladies. Still beautiful weather here, warm, sunny, not humid at all.  I am nearly finished a “leftover yarn” Afghan. It’s a good size for a toddler or a lap blanket. The yarn I pulled out to use in it is nearly gone. A couple more rounds and then the leftovers will go into the scrappy knit blanket.  


    Brenda, I would think the idea of moving is bittersweet.  It’s hard to leave what’s familiar for the unfamiliar  it does sound like things are all falling into place for you.


    iI have a lunch date, so I’d better get moving.


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  10. Hi ladies. The temperatures have been much better here for the last couple of days, high 70s rather than high 90s.


    Nothing much going on here. I’ve been sewing and crocheting off and on, but I haven’t been sleeping well, so I haven’t been overly ambitious. Also...I am sick of my UFOs and I told myself that I have to finish two projects before I can start a new one.  I finally did locate my Sophie’s Universe project though.  It was in with my fabric.


    Hope you are all enjoying your summer.

  11. Hi ladies. It’s been so hot and humid here...just bringing in groceries is enough to work up a sweat. We were without power for a good part of the day due to severe storms.  Supposedly more are on the way.  Hopefully our power stays on!  It went off at around 2 AM, and I couldn’t sleep after that. Not sure why. It was back by noon, so I quickly did laundry, ran the dishwasher and vacuumed....just in case.  Now I am sitting on the porch crocheting.  (Temperature dropped to 70 with this afternoons storms.). 


    Hope you are all all having a good weekend.

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  12. Hi ladies. The heat and humidity have temporarily left us and it is absolutely gorgeous outside.  I sat outside reading all morning. Then I went to lunch with a bunch of friends.  Now I’m working on laundry.


    I cannot find one of my UFOs.  It’s Sophie’s Universe and I can’t figure out where it got too.  It’s in a huge bag because there are 7 or 8 skeins of yarn in with it.  It’s not like I don’t have plenty of other UFOs.........


    I am grateful for our neighbors.  Actually, we have new neighbors across the street that I haven’t met yet.  There were some fireworks here and there but the only really loud ones were the display over the lake, and those were an official celebration.  


    Wow, Judy, you are really churning out those blankets.  Very nice!



  13. Hi ladies. Hot and humid here lately.  Thankful for air conditioning!  However, still working on UFOs. I need to borrow a little of Judy’s ambition. Seems like she finishes a lot of things.  Nice blanket by the way.


    Mary, don’t worry about me. My mammogram is abnormal, and still changing, but the likelihood of malignancy is actually decreasing.  I wouldn’t mind so much if I could go to the office in the little town near here, but I have to go to the cancer center downtown for special pictures. I was hoping to not deal with downtown traffic ever again once I retired.  The usual summer road construction just adds to the congestion.  I also had a bit of a chuckle over the asparagus locked in the oven.


    Welcome, Shani.  Your blankets are lovely.  I am a long time critical care nurse, but I  retired a few weeks ago.  I am Canadian by birth, and I live in Michigan with my husband and Sophie the Brittany.  We have three children and seven grandchildren.  I am a serial project starter.  This wouldn’t be so bad, but I dabble in a lot of crafts and I have UFOs everywhere!  


    Our son son is in Norway on vacation and his two Brittany’s are here.  One of them is terrified of fireworks.  She’s had a rough couple of evenings and I hear them again now.  They don’t bother Sophie at all.







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  14. Wow, you snooze for a few days, and there are a ton of new posts. 

    Judy, love that blanket pattern.  I will have to take a look at that tutorial. I am better with written patterns though.


    Brenda, how wonderful that everything is falling into place fo your move.  All the work and research is paying off.


    Mona, fingers crossed that dh continues to get good reports.  Sorry to hear about the dental issues. I had a mammogram upyesterday, ( my fourth one this year, 😞 , and the technician said she would rather have one of those than go to the dentist,  I’m not too crazy about the dentist either.  Every time I go, I am reminded of some line in a poem by Ogden Nash:

    “some tortures are physical, and some are mental, but the one that is both, is dental.”


    and it ends:

    “And you totter to your feet and think. Well it’s all over now and afterall it was only this once.

    And he says come back in three monce.

    And this, O Fate, is I think the most vicious circle that thou ever sentest,

    That Man has to go continually to the dentist to keep his teeth in good condition

    when the chief reason he wants his teeth in good condition

    is so that he won’t have to go to the dentist.”


    if you want to read read the whole poem it can be found here:



    I am still plugging away on UFOs.  

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  15. I found this square in with another project. Not sure where I was going with this. There is a lot of the burgundy yarn left, (although I’m not totally onboard with burgundy), so I think I will just keep going until it’s gone, add a white border and call it done.


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  16. Hi ladies. We are finally enjoying some springlike weather, (although it’s cool for June).  I think we are going to go out to Lake Michigan this evening and hike.  Dh wants to take sunset pictures so we won’t go until after dinner.


    I am really enjoying retirement, although it still feels odd, not having to go anywhere first thing in the morning!  I overdid things a bit last week, and my back and knees let me know about it.  I got a lot of weeding and tiger outside work done though.  I have lots more to do, but I am waiting for my new garden kneeler/bench to arrive. That will make things easier in both my knees and my back.  Surprisingly, I don’t really miss work, although I do miss my co-workers.  


    I have had lots of time to sew, knit and crochet.  Hopefully, I will finish a few UFOs!  I’ve also done some deep cleaning that I haven’t gotten to in a long time.  


    Here is one one of my leftover yarn projects.  It’s a blanket, straight knitting, I just grab a ball out of the bag and knit until it’s gone. Right now I am out of leftovers for this one.


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  17. Hello ladies. First day of retirement. I’m trying to work out a bit of a routine, so that I don’t fritter my days away.  I started out bright and early this morning with a visit to the lab for a blood draw.  ( those are back already, and all normal). I then spent 30 minutes exercising, 15 minutes weeding, ( all my back could do) and did some laundry.  I think the weeding and exercising will become part of my daily routine, unless it’s too hot to weed.  It’s chilly here today, so I started soup in the crockpot for dinner.  I’m on a mission to use up all the leftovers in the freezer.  We used to eat them on days I worked, but we won’t need them for that anymore.

    That took up my morning. Since lunch I’ve been sitting around, crocheting, knitting and reading and telling myself that I would get back to work after the next row or chapter.  So far I haven’t!:)


    My boss hosted a retirement tea for me on Friday .  Many former co-workers as well as some retired ICU doctors came.  It was really fun to reminisce with them as well as visit with my current co-workers.  I received a lot of gifts which was totally unexpected!


    Brenda, so glad you got all those issues straightened out.  You would think that things could move faster, since it’s all computerized.  (No dreams about work yet!)


    Mary, it’s good to hear that dd’s shop is doing so well.  Those kittens are adorable and I bet the boys just love them.


    iPad is warning me that it’s about to quit...better push submit....

  18. Hi ladies.  I too am sorry I’ve been MIA, just had a lot going on, but it will soon be at an end. I resigned from my job, (last day is next Thursday), and I am going to enjoy the life of a retiree. It’s kind of bittersweet. I love a lot of things about my job and I will miss it. However, my back, knees and hips are telling me it’s time to go.  


    I did read through the posts I missed. Brenda, you granny ripples and the stockings are great. It was my plan to make a bunch of stockings for this years drive, but I haven’t got to it.  Judy, love your afghan.  Mary, ds’s doctor told him that everyone in Michigan is vitamin D deficient.  I never had my levels checked, but my doctor told me I should take it, so I do.  Luckily it’s not a high dose, so it doesn’t bother me. Hope the lower dose works for you.  Oh....the kittens are adorable!  I bet the boys are thrilled with them. And congrats to Zach!


    I have pretty much used up all my “golf balls” of leftover yarn on a knitted afghan. Just a few to go and I can start making more golf balls.  Say, maybe I will actually get things finished when I retire!

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