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  1. Hi ladies. Another winter storm watch here, and it’s snowing at the moment. The forecast is for another 6 inches. When is spring? I took some vacation time from work and am off for the next 2 1/2 weeks. On Sunday I came down with a doozy of a cold. I was supposed to work, but I ended up being mandated to stay home. I didn’t want to call in, because if you call in sick on a weekend, you have to make it up, so it was a welcome phone call. I have done nothing much since Sunday. I’m still hoping to get lots of cleaning and downsizing done.
  2. Hi ladies, sorry that I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been in the mood to clean, and I thought I had better take advantage of it! I totally revamped our master bedroom closet. I bought all new organizers and even managed to get hubby on board with sorting his belongings. It looks great! Unfortunately, the mood has now passed! Judy and Mary, your afghans are gorgeous. Our weather has improved a bit. It was actually above freezing today. I’m sure winter is far from over, but it’s nice to get a bit of a break! enjoy your evening!
  3. So...it is still snowing, but tomorrow we get a reprieve! It’s going to switch over to a “wintry mix”. Around here that means freezing rain, snow and sleet all mixed together. I knew that I should have worried about January and February when it was 50 and 60 degrees much of December. Still, Spring is closer than it was yesterday, and my grandsons are excite. They love snow!
  4. Hi ladies. We are in the middle of another big snowstorm. We got around 8 inches overnight, plus at least another 4 today. It’s still snowing! We had our oldest grandson over for his birthday visit today. We just got back from taking him home. He stayed over last night and he would have liked to stay tonight as well, (and we would have loved to have him), but he is homeschooled and he hates to get off schedule, so he opted for home. We went out for burgers and then took him home. Driving was not the greatest, but it could have been much worse. (And sadly, we are getting used to it.) I dug out my Sophie’s universe afghan that I started a year or two ago. It was kind of hard to figure out where I was on it. I need to start adding notes to my UFOs .
  5. Hi ladies. Still cold here and still quite a number of people without power. Plus, another ice/snow storm headed our way starting tomorrow evening. The roads are good right now. Im hoping that they stay that way at least through tomorrow morning. I need to go to work for some mandatory education stuff before the beginning of March. Plus, I need to get a new parking pass, so I can continue to park onsite. Our internet came back yesterday, and we never lost power, although many in our area did. When we went to church this morning, we must have seemn at least 10 power company trucks out and about. I can’t say that I missed the internet much. I don’t need it to read or crochet, but Dh likes to watch Netflix, so he missed it. I’m ready for spring!
  6. Mary that is a lovely afghan. You have such a knack for combining colors. We are buried in ice. We still have power, but our internet is out. Lots of trees are down causing a lot of damage. One of my co workers had a tree fall on her house today. 3 holes in her roof, plus a deck demolished. We lost a tree and have a lot of big branches down. Many people are without power. More ice is expected this evening, Followed by snow. I’m so ready for spring!
  7. Mona those shawlettes are beautiful!
  8. Mona, so sorry to hear of hubby’s test results. Judy, we are starting to warm up too, although it doesn’t sound like we will make it to 50.
  9. Hello ladies. Today the sun is shining and my new stove was delivered. However they broke one of the oven doors. It has been temporarily replaced with a slate colored door, until the new stainless one comes in. So, maybe my new Kindle will show up today too. It was supposed to be my birthday present, but the tracking keeps saying it’s been delayed. It was shipped via UPS and I saw the truck in our neighborhood yesterday, so I know they were out delivering things. just in case it doesn’t come, I thought I’d buy myself a few things, so I did a little online shopping this morning, plus somewhere I saw that Herschners has a huge yarn sale tomorrow. Probably a good thing that I have to work I certainly don’t need yarn! Last night I made Dh a ski mask to wear while shoveling and so forth he said his face got cold right away.
  10. Still in a deep freeze here. More snow falling. Today the Tanger outlet Mall is closed and there is no mail delivery service. However, our son said his 45 mile commute wasn’t the worst he’s seen. We did see the sun for a little while this morning. Still cleaning and purging in the basement. Might even get rid of some yarn!
  11. Dd says she saw a grand total of 3 patients today. Her office will be closed again tomorrow. I’m beginning to think that this would have been a good week to go south! It isstill snowing hard and blowing. Most area freeways are closed due to accidents and slide offs. Ds has about a 40 mile commute and he went to work today. I hope he makes it home safely. The city where he works doesn’t usually get snow like we do, as they are much further from the lake. Oldest Dd said her dh worked from home again today and plans to do that tomorrow too. Back on Dec 18, I ordered a new kitchen stove. It was supposed to come within two weeks. Well, they finally tried to deliver it today, but called and said they couldn’t make it up our driveway after three attempts, so we would have to wait at least a few more days. Well, I would believe that, except that there is no evidence that anyone attempted to enter our driveway. Why couldn’t they just say the roads were too bad to come out here, instead of lying? After all, I wasn’t really expecting them to come out in this weather.
  12. News flash....still snowing here in Michigan. Winter storm watch that started Sunday has been extended to Thursday afternoon....): Dd said 4 of her patients have already cancelled today and so far one was a no show. Sounds like she is having an easy day. Mona, I haven’t actually donated those books yet....but I have boxed them up for donation. Mary, good luck to your Dd with her business. My youngest Dd has a friend who runs something similar with her sisters. They seem to be doing quite well.
  13. Hi ladies. It’s been a very snowy day here. My daughters office ( she’s a nurse practitioner) was closed today, as were all other out patient offices in the system. It’s the same system that I work for, but of course I would have had to go to work. All told we probably got a foot of snow today. Plus it’s bitterly cold. I am off until Thursday. I spent today weeding through books. I got rid of a lot, but there are still a lot left. Dd is going to go through the kids books before I donate those. I kept a shelf full so the grandkids would have some to read when they are here. I even managed to reduce my huge cookbook collection to one 30 inch shelf! On Friday, the day before my birthday, they had put up a big sign at work saying “happy birthday, Cindy”. I never noticed it, and could not figure out why so many people were wishing me a happy birthday. I must have been wearing blinders when I came in. On Saturday, our children and grand children brought breakfast over. Dh took me out for a nice dinner and then we went to dd’s House for birthday cake. Hope everyone one is doing well.
  14. Hi ladies. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a great day!
  15. Good morning. It’s been mostly bitterly cold here for the past few days. We have had snow and ice, and then yesterday afternoon it got warm enough for some rain and ice mixed. Glad I got to stay home yesterday. It’s back to bitterly cold again with snow on the way. I have to work tomorrow, hopefully it’s not much snow. I made more premie hats hats this weekend. What a good way to use up yarn leftover from other projects. I ought to be working on UFOs though. Still, I can now say that I have 9 finishes for the year!:) Brenda, I can’t imagine making 100 thread ornaments. Just the thought of it makes my hands hurt! Mary, yes, we got out to dinner on Saturday. Mil is doing okay physically, they are working on allowing her to walk without staff standing by. Mentally, she is failing. She seems more confused every time we see her. Dh and I think that the private room that we are paying extra for is part of the reason. She pretty much refuses to leave it, except for meals, so she is always sitting in there by herself. All that isolation can’t be good for her. Judy, that must be a wonderful scene when there are lots of boats. It looks pretty nice when it’s mostly ice! Mona, my brother in law has MGUS. His vision has really taken a hit, and his numbers are getting worse as well. He had a negative bone marrow biopsy in December though. Fingers crossed for your Dh.
  16. I used this pattern for those hats. The bigger ones have an extra increase round. http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/teresa-hat.html There is a hat sizing guide on this site too, so you could even make up your own pattern. I often do the first two rounds of this pattern and then use a different stitch pattern to finish the hat. http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/size-chart.html#hat I have also used this one: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shell-stitch-preemie-hat-archived and this one: http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/preemie-hats
  17. Good morning. Snowing here and very cold. Our snow isn’t supposed to amount to too much, 4 to 6 inches. Around here that isnt enough to affect most peoples plans. ( except mine, if I don’t need to get out in it, I don’t!) We do have plans to have dinner with friends tonight but I won’t have to drive. The snow should be finished by then. Not much going on around here. That virus I had a week or two ago really hit me hard and it’s taken me all this time to get things caught up around the house. Thursday was the first time I went grocery shopping since before Christmas! Luckily I keep a full freezer and pantry. We didn’t go without! Dh picked up fresh fruit and some veggies once as well. On Thursday evening we visited mil and we cleaned up her yarn. She had a lot of project left overs that she wanted to get rid of. I took them home with plans to either discard or donate. I ended up making 6 premie hats out of some of it yesterday. Hope you all have a great weekend.
  18. Last night I cleaned up my mother in law’s yarn collection. I made a few premie hats out of some of her bits and pieces.
  19. Judy, that’s a beautiful afghan. Great choice of colors.
  20. Judy,, the hoodies will be sewn. It’s way faster than crocheting!
  21. I’m back! Hopefully this will be the year that I finish that log cabin afghan. I also got the bright idea of making all 7 of my Grandchildren a zip up hoodie. I even bought the pattern already. I also bought the pattern in both adult men and women sizes. If I finish the grandkids, I want to make them for hubby and my children as well.
  22. Good morning. I’ve been missing, had the worst sinus infection and it took forever to resolve. However, it’s mich better, finally! Judy, Im so sorry that you were so sick and had to be hospitalized. It’s great that you have a doctor you trust, and that cares enough to be thorough. Its been the oddest weather here so far this winter. Hardly any snow and temperatures that are above freezing most of the time. Usually we have had several feet of snow by this time. I’d be surprised if we have had even a foot so far. Currently there is snow on the ground but it’s supposed to be 45 here today, so I think most of it should melt. I have not done any crocheting or any other crafty thing for at least two weeks. Actually, I have done pretty much nothing. I did get all the Christmas stuff put away last night though. Today I hope to catch up on laundry. We had planned to go to DDs for dinner, but something came up for them, so that was cancelled. We are considering driving out to a Lake Michigan later this afternoon and walking the boardwalk. We will eat dinner out there someplace. It’s supposed to get sunny. (Also unusual for winter in Michigan!) Have a great weekend!
  23. Hi ladies. Christmas madness is finally over here, I still don’t feel well. I went to work on Wednesday and that seemed to start it up all over again. I think it’s improving, but very slowly. I haven’t done much of anything to speak of since Wednesday except sleep. Today I have to do laundry though. It’s piling up! Hope everyone else else is well.
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