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  1. Love this! However...my hands hurt just thinking about crocheting three strands of yarn!
  2. I really like these. Plastic bag holders would be icing on the cake!
  3. I don’t think it looks bad at all. However, a mistake in knitting can be covered by embroidering a similar stitch over it with the correct color. Wonder if that would work for crochet as well?
  4. I knew I wasn’t the only one! Im tempted by this CAL and actually had the yarn pack in my basket, but I can’t justify buying yarn, (even at a good price) when I literally have closets full of yarn, certainly enough to make a few dozen blankets! I know the yarn is soft and pretty. I have a real life friend who is planning to make the blanket. I may may join in, using yarn from my stash, but I’m not sure yet. I have a poor track record when it comes to finishing large projects.
  5. Judy, I took a look at that pattern. It requires sewing pieces together! ACK!!!
  6. Rat dog, I really like those magnets. Do you glue the fabric on? MaryJo, that graph-ghan looks great I’m always awed by those, they look so complicated.
  7. Also a start on donations for the “Warmth for Warriors” mini Christmas stocking drive.
  8. First pregnancy resource center project. Pattern here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fleece-leather-look-booties
  9. First gift finished, a pair of fingerless gloves for oldest dd’s Birthday at the end of the month. I designed them myself, and I must confess that I had quite a time making a second one to match the first. However, I did finally figure out what I did, and have written the pattern down it will appear on my blog after DD gets them. The pattern is a bit hard to see in this dark purple yarn, but it’s a shell stitch design.
  10. Well, as usual I got sidetracked already. Instead of working on the nearly finished afghan for DDs birthday at the end of a January, I started reading through the old thread. Judy had posted a link to a pattern for fingerless gloves. Just like that, I decided to make fingerless gloves. I tried that pattern, but it just seemed to be written in an uneccesarily complicated way, so I wrote my own. (Judy said the pattern was easy, my brain just didn’t quite get it.). I have one glove done, and am 1/2 way through the second one. After that I will get to the afghan. (If something else doesn’t distract me!)
  11. Just want to say that I just read through the last ten or twelve pages of this thread, and I am amazed at all the beautiful gifts everyone has made. My own plans were derailed by my 2 minute attention span. I started all sorts of things, planned many more and finished two. But now I am inspired to do better with follow through next year!
  12. I am knitting a baby sweater to donate to the local pregnancy resource center. I knit slowly though, it will take a while. Bailey4, your doll projects are so cute. Hope you can find a suitable, budget friendly doll for your projects.
  13. My first project will be to finish the afghan that I had intended to give my oldest daughter for a Christmas. It is my oldest WIP, probably 10 or more years old. It was originally intended for myself, but I know my daughter will treasure it.
  14. Beautiful bag, as always. Thank you for all the joy you have brought to us with your bags!
  15. . That is beautiful. I'm not crazy about crocheting with thread, even size 3, but I might have to suffer for this pattern!
  16. I really like that afghan....but it looks like sewing is involved. I hate sewing squares together and those projects take me forever to finish. Nice hat. I have the opposite problem, my tension is always too loose.
  17. I really like that afghan....but it looks like sewing is involved. I hate sewing squares together and those projects take me forever to finish.
  18. Wow! Just Wow! Love both. That's so cute! I saw a free heart dishcloth dishcloth on Ravelry that looks like it uses this technique. If I ever decide to try something like this, I plan to try that first. Your fox would have been a hit at the baby shower I went to last Saturday. The theme was woodsy and a fox was the decoration of choice. Love the purples together and the addition of the doll blanket is wonderful. Nice set. That bolero is really special. Great looking blanket. Cute doll.
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