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  1. Wow, so many lovely projects. Darski, I have noticed that every once in a while, a post seems to be “saved” to my profile. The next time I post, that random post gets added to whatever else I am posting. It’s happened to me a couple of times recently.
  2. Nice projects, ladies! MaryJo, those sorts of afghans intimidate me. Yours looks great. I wish it was getting warm here....... Bailey4, such a pretty potholder. I’d be reluctant to use it! Thread is not my friend. Those tiny hooks hurt my hands, and so I bought some with plastic handles, (clover brand maybe?). That helped with the hook problem....but now my aging eyes are causing problems. I cant see those tiny stitches very well. Judy, that’s a pretty afghan. And....no sewing together!
  3. Anna, love the teddy...and seriously impressed by all the octopi! I made one, (different pattern, I think) and found it beyond tedious. It was a huge hit at the baby shower though, and I got requests for more, although I did not commit!
  4. Farski, hope your remaining computer holds out, and the rest revive! Denise, I am sorry for your loss.
  5. Just saw one on Facebook where she is doing one round of a square for each day, and will be making a square a month. Her January square is 14 inches already, and it looks really good. She didn’t if each months square would be the same or different. I’m wondering how she plans to get them all the same size too, given that some months are shorter than others. Still, this idea appeals to me!
  6. I like this idea, and have toyed with making one. However, I have seen a lot of talk online about how huge these actually end up being. (These were all striped afghans with one row per day being done.) Have you figured out how big yours will be? Not that I would be very likely to make anything out of squares, as I detest putting things together. Still....you never know........ Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  7. Bailey4, nice work on the valentine bear, the football dishcloth, (would be a great gift idea for my bachelor son), and the valentine hot pad. MaryJo, WOW on the princess afghan. Just beautiful!
  8. I saw that earlier when I looked at your bunny blanket. I absolutely loved the gray lady outfit!
  9. Bailey4, I just looked at your finishes on the blog. The drumsticks made me smile! The bunny lovey is so sweet.....but I have to say that I absolutely love the “gray lady”! What a fabulous look for a doll!
  10. I finished dd’s afghan. This is a project that I started back in 2009, when I first started to crochet. I quickly got bored with it and mostly ignored it. A few months ago, I decided that I needed to finish some long standing WIPs. This is one of them. I apologize for the poor picture. (I’m not a photographer!). It’s in the washer at the moment, hope it comes out ok. I figured that a project that old definitely needs a trip through the washer! the color in the picture isn’t quite true to life, this looks a bit yellow, and it’s really a creamy white. ( Its the color clothing manufac
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