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  1. So, I am on a mission to cut down my craft supplies stash.  Yarn and fabric are my downfalls, especially yarn.  When I was sorting through the yarn, I came across the square that makes the center of this throw.  I don’t remember why I made it, and of course there wasn’t any matching yarn to be found, so I just grabbed a few skeins of yarn that I hoped wouldn’t clash, and simply crocheted around it in DC.  When I ran out of the colored yarn, I finished it with reverse HDC.  


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  2. 12 hours ago, segi1974 said:

    these hats are so cute.  I wanted to start making preemie hats with my blankets.  Do you have a pattern for the hats?


    I used this pattern for those hats. The bigger ones have an extra increase round.



    There is a hat sizing guide on this site too, so you could even make up your own pattern.   I often do the first two rounds of this pattern and then use a different stitch pattern to finish the hat.  



    I have also used this one:



    and this one:


  3. I’m back!  Hopefully this will be the year that I finish that log cabin afghan. I also got the bright idea of making all 7 of my Grandchildren a zip up hoodie. I even bought the pattern already. I also bought the pattern in both adult men and women sizes.  If I finish the grandkids, I want to make them for hubby and my children as well.  

  4. Hi everyone. I haven’t been around, because I haven’t finished anything except a few charity hats. Well here we are heading into December and guess who decided that a crocheted afghan would be a perfect gift for DD2?  That’s right....me....sigh....I don’t know why I do this. I did this last year too.  


    At least I already have several afghans started, (I had 8 blocks out of 25 done on the one I chose to finish), so I’m hoping this is doable.  Here is one of the blocks  it’s a log cabin afghan, all the blocks are the same  I will probably do several at a time, assembly line fashion.  Sewing blocks together is not one of my favorite things to do, but I think it will be a great looking afghan.  Plus, all yarn is from my stash.



  5. I haven’t checked in here in a month or two.  I totally quit crafting for a while, just didn’t feel like it.  So many awesome projects have been posted!


    Now that I have picked my hook back up, I decided that I was going to use up some of my stash.  In the past week, I have made two magic potholders and a dishcloth and have used up 3 balls of cotton yarn, plus some odds and ends.  Hopefully I am going to keep at it!  I usually put some dishcloths in my daughters stockings. This year they will get potholders too.  Hopefully the fact that I just used whatever yarn I had available won’t bother them.  A third, larger potholder is on my hook.  It will finish up 2 more balls of cotton, plus a few tiny balls.  (Sadly my cotton yarn box still looks just as full as ever.)


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  6. 9 hours ago, Bailey4 said:

    DH and I are still catching up on watching the Olympic events so I've been trying to find small projects to work on that I can do without missing out on the action.  This was an experiment answering a call for kitchen donations.

    Scrubby Posey

    I'd never worked with the plastic scrubbies before, but they are remarkably easy to crochet with and kind of cute with different stitches. 

    That is really cute!

  7. 3 hours ago, Bailey4 said:

    Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

    I finally got the St. Patrick's Day Lovey posted.  I started the Leprechaun bear and finished his head yesterday.  I've been working on the thread pot holder during the Olympics.  I have 2 colors to finish and it will be done.  I always forget how much longer it takes for thread to grow into something, but I do love the color.  I'm going to get the baby bib started today, as I'm hoping to take it to the fiber group tomorrow.

    Leprechaun Lovey


  8. Nice projects, ladies!


     MaryJo, those sorts of afghans intimidate me.  Yours looks great.  I wish it was getting warm here.......


    Bailey4, such a pretty potholder. I’d be reluctant to use it!  Thread is not my friend.  Those tiny hooks hurt my hands, and so I bought some with plastic handles, (clover brand maybe?).  That helped with the hook problem....but now my aging eyes are causing problems.  I cant see those tiny stitches very well.


    Judy, that’s a pretty afghan. And....no sewing together! :)

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