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  1. Colleen, thank you so much! You have such a huge heart and are so generous!
  2. Judianne and Shaylen, both are absolutely beautiful!
  3. That is just fantastic! I'm sure he will cherish it for a long time!
  4. Beautiful! I'm sure it will become a family treasure!
  5. I have posted my latest rr here. I had a hard time naming this one. Maybe I shouldn't have started that?? I don't have any other RRs in the works now, I think it's time to finish some of my WIPS before the ladies at work are needing more baby blankets...if you know what I mean!
  6. Valerie, they are both fantastic! I also like the purple one better, that's my favorite color.
  7. Just fabulous, I love the baby blue. Perfect for a baby boy.
  8. Beautiful! I really like the yellow one, so bright and cheery!
  9. Cat, I wrote up the instructions for the border. If you would like them, just PM me and send me your email address. I would appreciate some feedback in case I didn't get it written down correctly. I gave away the blanket too quick!
  10. My most recent RR is here. I had to 'girly up' the torquoise, so I added white and baby pink and put a double ruffle on. I have another one about halfway finished in blues and browns.
  11. I use the 'hold it up and look at it and when it looks like it's time to change colors, I change colors' method! I get all the colors that I'm going to use in one RR, put them in my skein holders and put them on my footstool. Then I just let the afghan dictate it's own color sequence. Not very scientific, but most of the time, the afghan turns out much different than I thought when I started, and usually better!
  12. Norma and Judy, those are all marvelous! I love the color contrast in them. I have one in torquoise and light pink that is about halfway done now.
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