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    Hi! I'm a young newlywed Texan who loves to crochet. In my spare time I like to read, shop, spend time with my husband, garden, and of course - crochet!
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    Gardening, reading, being outdoors
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    Administrative Coordinator
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    Scarves, blankets
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  1. MrsMcKee

    Flower Earrings

    I made my first earrings last night! I just love how they turned out. I'm excited to experiment with different patterns, sizes, threads, and adding beads! Here's a look at my first pair:
  2. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I watched a documentary on Netflix about how much chemicals there are in our products we use every day... really got me freaked out. Haha. I went through all my make up, lotions, and potions and got rid of everything with parabens and talc. I replaced everything with nontoxic, paraben-free, fragrance-free, artificial color-free products. I also spent some of the weekend with some great friends I met through a local meetup group. We're all part of the married and under 30 group. We went to one of those places where you paint a ceramic piece and then they glaze and fire it for you. I made a small flower bowl for my mom for mother's day and a big mixing/serving bowl for myself. I realized when my husband and I hosted Easter at our house for my family, that we didn't have many large serving pieces. Oops - what a way to figure that one out - while the pasta is almost ready and I'm looking for something to put it in. Haha. That's what happens when you try to host family events when you're just getting started- we don't have a lot of kitchen pieces yet for big events. We have enough for small gatherings, but not many big serving pieces. Anyway... enough rambling from me. Just saying hello and checking in. Oh! One more thing.... I got a notice that the post office will no longer be forwarding my mail to my new address. I have updated my address with KatyAllen, but I know many of you still have my old address. Please just check with me before mailing anything. I want to make sure I see all your hard work and beautiful squares!
  3. Big thank you to Wendy (crochetaddicted) for the squares, hats, and scarves!
  4. Thank you Katy for these lovely squares!!! Sorry about the background - kinda hard to see on my countertop. But they're gorgeous! Love the green!!
  5. Prayers for your cousin! 43... so young! Well, since you said something.... I won't deny a square a good home! Mine 'ghan is all different colors and sizes, so whatever size you feel like whipping up, I'm sure will fit in nicely. Of course, if you're already out of the skein, I totally understand!
  6. Welcome from East Texas! Not too far from ya! Glad you're here.
  7. Welcome, welcome from East Texas!
  8. Okay squares.... I've hit that 1:30 slump here at work today. How do you all get through the work day on a Friday?? I have done all my "fun" work and am staring at all the more tedious things.. I also bought a new loose leaf tea (I'm a tea junky) recently and have been sipping on that all day. I think that might be why I am really in this funk right now. It is delicious tea... but geez, it makes me so sleepy. So, does anyone have any little tricks on pushing through the work day? There's a cute little coffee/cupcake shop around the corner (walking distance) from my office. I am trying really hard not to run over there and grab a latte... because I know I'll grab a couple cupcakes too (they'll stare at me, I just know it). I've been on track with my diet/workouts this week and lost one pound for the week, so I don't want to ruin that. Ok, I'm ready for your tips! Go!
  9. How cute!! I love them! What a great idea.
  10. Hello and welcome from TX! I too, love cats and am a bit introverted (well, when I first meet someone).
  11. YAY!! So glad you signed up! You will love all the fun things in the 'ville! Hopefully, Roxy will post some pics for you all in the Show and Tell section. She makes awesome amigurumi!! And I would know, she made a super cute green cat for me!
  12. Wow. Tiffany, many prayers going up for your neighbor and friend. If you end up doing a comfortghan, you can count on a couple squares from me.
  13. Ooh! I almost forgot... A friend, and fellow hooker, shared this with me today: http://worstedforwear.com/?p=104 I had never seen these before! If you haven't seen this site before, and need a good laugh, go check it out. There were a couple that I actually had to think a minute to see the humor - because each comic rings so true for us oh so dedicated crochet addicts.
  14. I still have my first Christmas dress. My mom kept it for so long, and finally, when I was "old enough to have it" I was allowed to keep it at my own house. Haha. She thought I wouldn't care about it and would just throw it out. I love it, and love the photos of me wearing it. Hopefully, when DH and I are ready, we will have a baby girl and she can wear it too. Otherwise, we will have some really great photos to show our son's girlfriends when he's a teen!! Hahahaha! My mom has actually wanted to get rid of the wooden rocking chair that was in my nursery when I was younger - the one she would rock me in. I have freaked out every time she wants to sell it because I definitely want that one in my first child's nursery. Man, that's one old chair. Ha! Hope everyone is doing well today - that those who have been ill are starting to feel better. Happy Tuesday, everyone!
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