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    My name is Erica i live in a city called Ängelholm with my husband. We was married at 12th may 2012 and we had a lovely wedding in a church and happiest day in my life. I searching for job so this hobby made me not so bored ask me if you will know me more
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    Ängelholm, Sweden
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    Crochet, embroidery, knitting, penpalling, letter writing, read books, be with my husband, nature
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    baby clothes, for home, pillows, clothes,
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  1. I dont know why they turned out black but i got one new pair:tup
  2. my Mother put an order for me on a store in sweden with drops yarn and addi needles. The first gone lost in thé mail but The store send one new. and after i had donera some rounds The needle look be black, and it seams as it have been in thé Firefox. ohh my Mother said it not be like that. so I emailed The store with The photo on The needle and cancer you guess what? they send me new one. :cheered
  3. I have crochet some baby stuff And I have also updated my blog. and now I dont have any ideas to crochet for baby now so i have toke up my ufo project who is a cardigan
  4. So beautiful.. I will make my self one pair one day.. right now my mother do the socks for my husband he comes get them to christmas eve Because i have never done any socks before and i only done a beanie and the mittens i do right now i hope to be finnish this weekend. and then i dont know what I will do after.. i must think:think
  5. the last mitten for my husband This is my second project I done after I re-learn me to
  6. I just do my christmas gifts to my dearest ones . But i am not good to knitting but i am learning me .. Right now I do some scarfs in ballerina yarn from YP. I do also a cap to my husband. And the potholder to my husbands friend and it can take longer time right now is the xmas gift and his cap who is important I was sadly i couldnt find any forum with only knitters around the world so gladly it was a little space here :
  7. updated my blog today what i am working on leave a comment i would be glad http://surpricebox.com/vardagsliv/ i have google translator :
  8. it is a yarn from yarn-paradise.com if you search on the yarn name on theirs page magic light
  9. Thanks .. and now i dont know to make for the little any ideas??
  10. - Thanks! Yes he or she comes be lovely and now i have finnished one more Now no idea what i can do hihi
  11. These past days have i making few babystuff.. * blanket for the scroller * hat * mittens * baby converse for 9 cm foot the converse i have created was my 9th time i try it but a pattern from jarbo.se and it gone out good More pictures comes be on my blog soon http://surpicebox.com/vardagsliv/ yes i have translator!!
  12. maybe i forgot a letter but here is the right link http://www.stitchykits.co.uk/
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