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  1. I sit for 45 minutes each day in hte pick up line at school for my daughter. I crochet all the while I sit there. I made a afghan blanket in 3 months doing this. Will give it to my son for Christmas. Ready to start another one as I just finished this one. But school will be out in a few days so I will have to come up with a new time and place for my crochet hour.
  2. Hmmm... going to get the food vac and seal out and suck air out of my clothes before packing for my trip this Friday! Thanks for the idea.
  3. Can't take nail clippers on the plane. They confiscate them. I bought me some plastic hooks to take with me. Boy, it sure got different to travel now.
  4. I went to Joann's crafts to get some supplies. I inquired about what I can take on a plane for an upcoming trip. Can't use scissors for cutting yarn. The lady told me to use dental floss! She said they won't take my floss at the airport and it cuts yarn beautifully! Ever hear of this before?
  5. Yep... You sure need to. And you need to take me with you!...LOL!!!!
  6. You have inspired me. Off I go to organize. Its LONG overdue!
  7. Does he really think he is hiding there? Geesh! Barbie can see him plain as day! LOL
  8. OK, my daughter-in-law would LOVE that! Very nice.
  9. Very nice! It 'talks' if that makes any sense to you. It stands out on its own. You will win or be runner up for sure!
  10. That is SO cute. But I dont see the instructions for making it. Are there any?
  11. Love that pattern! The colors are perfect for girl or boy. Good job!
  12. Very nice ! The color is real pretty. i have a golden purse sort of like it and love it.
  13. Ohhhh... I love them!! I would put one in every book! They are gorgeous.
  14. I love lavendar! That blankie looks so comfy. Great job on the hat!
  15. Sure. Maybe we can meet there as well. Just let me know when you will be here.
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