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  1. Congrats, Carol! You can expect a square or 2 from me as well. You brought a big smile on my face today when I opened my post box and saw a puffy from you. Thank you very much. They're lovely. I know how I love to see photos, so I promise to upload photos soon.
  2. Wow! Bright and beautiful! I love it, Katie!
  3. Due to exiting changes in my life I cant go online as regularly as I used to. We launched our business on the 1st of September and have been blessed beyond expectation, but we're putting long hours in, and there is not so much internet time available. Plus we are very tired at night (but in a good way) Hope everyone is doing well and have a super awesome day.
  4. Kriekie

    Soap sachets

    What a neat idea! Very pretty.
  5. Spot on ! Thank you Thank you everyone, for taking the time to help me with this problem. I really appreciate it. I will tackle this pattern with renewed enthusiasm.
  6. HI, I watched a video on youtube in a foreign language and tried to follow by watching this fast crocheter. My problem is that I couldn't see what exactly she did on beginning/ end of rows, with the result that my work is not even along the edges. Can someone please help with written instructions? Thanx
  7. Very pretty. I love to use scraps in my quilting and crochet, all the color changes prevents boredom and its kind of cute how every square turns out in different colors.
  8. So sorry to hear about something so tragic. Praying for the family.
  9. Glad I could do my bit to improve Crochet's image! Glad you liked it.
  10. Hallo and:welcomefrom South Africa.
  11. But that was super fast delivery, can't believe you already received it. I'm delighted that you like it.
  12. Good morning everyone! I couldn't sleep and stood up early this morning, loaded the washing machine and started cleaning. Now I'm sitting in a nice fresh smelling house with the washing on the line, drying in the sun. Its a beautiful day here where I live, hard to believe it is still winter. I opened my windows and the fresh air and sunlight is streaming in. Love it. Hope everyone will have a awesome and happy day.
  13. [quote name= Forgot to ask' date=' Hows the pledging going all?? ANd Pineknott, h ow many to date have you received?? That will renew our inspiration if we know, lol well, i can pledge a couple more if you need more, let us know where you're at, ok. thanks........[/quote] I fullfilled my pledge of 2 squares and mailed it on 11 August.
  14. I've always been a cat person, never really liked dogs. But I became a dog owner late June this year when a homeless and seriously neglected Jack Russel showed up at my house. He was very scared of people and ran away tail between the legs when approached. Long story short, I took him in and we bonded very quickly. I'm amazed by the capacity of a dog's love. He follows me everywhere I go and wont let me out of sight. Now he is my dog, my own Scruffy, always near to protect me. Then there's also my sun conure, a bright orange and yellow and green parrot. I also babysit my daughter's cat and dog while they are working.
  15. Hope that everything works out fine with the purchase. Its one of the best feelings to be a new home owner. I don't have a craft room, use a corner of my bedroom for it, but its very little space so I also use my diningroom and a corner of the lounge, it just depends on the type of craft I favour at that particular stage.
  16. Hi, Currently I'm busy with my African flower afghan in all shades of blue, pink and purple. I've got 195 hexagons and 14 half hexagons this far and plan on making it bigger. I'm also busy with a multicolour 6 petal african square afghan. Just because I just learned today how to upload a photo onto Crochetville, here goes:
  17. Wow! Looky looky what I received! Been to the PO to mail Pineknott's & aussie Paula's puffies and there it lay waiting for me in my post box. A puffy from Katie. No less than 6 squares. Thank you so much , Katie, they are darling!
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