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  1. Congrats, Carol! You can expect a square or 2 from me as well. You brought a big smile on my face today when I opened my post box and saw a puffy from you. Thank you very much. They're lovely. I know how I love to see photos, so I promise to upload photos soon.
  2. Wow! Bright and beautiful! I love it, Katie!
  3. Due to exiting changes in my life I cant go online as regularly as I used to. We launched our business on the 1st of September and have been blessed beyond expectation, but we're putting long hours in, and there is not so much internet time available. Plus we are very tired at night (but in a good way) Hope everyone is doing well and have a super awesome day.
  4. Kriekie

    Soap sachets

    What a neat idea! Very pretty.
  5. Spot on ! Thank you Thank you everyone, for taking the time to help me with this problem. I really appreciate it. I will tackle this pattern with renewed enthusiasm.
  6. HI, I watched a video on youtube in a foreign language and tried to follow by watching this fast crocheter. My problem is that I couldn't see what exactly she did on beginning/ end of rows, with the result that my work is not even along the edges. Can someone please help with written instructions? Thanx
  7. Very pretty. I love to use scraps in my quilting and crochet, all the color changes prevents boredom and its kind of cute how every square turns out in different colors.
  8. So sorry to hear about something so tragic. Praying for the family.
  9. Glad I could do my bit to improve Crochet's image! Glad you liked it.
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