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    I am a stay at home mother to a wonderful & very smart 5 year old boy as well as married to a awesome husband now for almost 7 years now. I love to crochet & do this craft as much as I can. I have also become the primary caregiver to my awesome husband because he has developed seziures now because of the doctor removing his shunts caused him more problems.
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    Crochet, Cross Stitch, Latch Hook
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    Domestic Engineer, Caregiver & Substitute Teacher
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    Blankets, Doll Clothes etc
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  1. Please remove Crochetwomen32, that is me but I made that account by mistake this is the correct one for me!
  2. I'm in, because I have quite a few different afghans that I am planning on making!
  3. I'm in, just have to get use to this again! Wish me luck!
  4. I just learned about this method last night, I have already used twice & so far I LOVE IT!
  5. Good Morning! I need to know if this might be a good idea! I just had an idea of making a C2C afghan for my husbands almost 92 year old grandmother! Thing is how big should I make? Would I be a really good idea for you? Would it be to heavy for her to cart around etc.? Any input would be great!
  6. Good Morning! Yesterday, I actually started working on a Snuggle for our 5 yr old son! So, I think it might be finished by the end of next month! Has anyone ever made one for one of their kids before?
  7. Good Morning! I need some assistance! I was trying to make a Aran Toggle Wrap from redheart.com! And the very 1st stitch that it had me making was a Mock Seed Stitch! Can someone please help me & maybe possibly show me what this is suppose to look like front & back! I was starting to second my guess myself so I have put it aside & I am thinking about using the yarn for something else! I would for some input if anyone can!
  8. Here is a picture of a Tunisian afghan that I am currently making w/ all the scrap yarn I have!
  9. Here is a picture of a afghan that I am currently working on right now!
  10. I am actually having a heck of a time keeping track of my score! I promise sometime in the very near future I will start keeping track!
  11. Thank you all for all of this wonderful advice. I am hoping to make some changes based upon some of ya'lls' suggestion. I really do love to crochet & it is bugging the heck out of me that I am not able to crochet as much as I want!
  12. Right now I am not using anything.... When it does take places I just adjust how I am working on my particular project & keep going or I get up to do something different for a little bit!
  13. I just finished the back last night & now I am working on the left front!
  14. Thank you both for this wonderful input. I do plan on getting the surgery if the doctor I am lanning on doing the surgery ASAP!
  15. Hi! I wanted to see what everyone thinks about something that seems to happening to me. When I am crocheting after awhile I have a heck of a time holding on to the project that I am trying to work on. The hand that is holding on to the project is the exact same hand that feeds my yarn for my hook to grasp. It's almost like my hand has no gripping power. Now, granted I am going to be having a EMG done on my hands in the upcoming week to see if/how much carpel tunnel affects my hands & then the doctor will go from there. But for the mean time, how can I ease this problem? And advice would
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