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    reading, hanging out with my Bestie!
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    home schooled!!!
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    since i was 11...
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  1. rosiegirl15


    that's what i did with some of the pics... it's a good idea to take a lot and then delete most of them... maybe i'll try that soon! thanks a lot!
  2. rosiegirl15


    okay... well i was using the only camera in our house at the moment... it's very sad i would like to put new pics up for the blurry ones... do you really think that the prices are too low? it seemed like a good price... if you have anymore advice it's much appreciated!! thank you!!
  3. rosiegirl15


    thank-you all for your advice! i have been trying to be more active... a lady from my church ordered 4 hats from me just because i accidentally left one of my hats at church! my grandma has offered to take some of crochet fingerless mittens to her work place to sell to the ladies there! some of the little girls at thursday school (i am homeschooled) would like some mittens... i've had about 171 views in my shop so far!! hopefully soon i'll be selling my things! and to answer your question MarshaRice i did look at the other things similar to the things that i'm selling. now since i have my own tastes things will different. again thanks for all your help and advice and thanks for checking out my shop!! very much appreciated!! ~*~*~*abbie~*~*~*~
  4. rosiegirl15


    so about a month ago i started an etsy store and have been trying my hand at selling my things.... well so far i haven't sold anything off my store, i've done two craft shows one i did good the other not a thing was sold! if you would please just look at my store i would i be very happy!! my link will be in my signature below!! ~*~*~*~* Abbie~*~*~*~*~
  5. rosiegirl15

    yarn help!!!

    thank-you all for your help! i am very slow at times... i'm going to watch that tutorial for sure!! BTW i'm going to post some new things in my etsy shop today! i would love it if you would come and check it out! Abbie
  6. rosiegirl15

    yarn help!!!

    ok... stupid question.... what is cake and how do make it into a cake?? Abbie
  7. rosiegirl15

    Hi there!!!

    hello to all who see this! my name is Abbie, i'm 15 years old and i love to crochet!! i've been crocheting for about 4 years... i recently opened an etsy account and have working on selling my things!! if you want to check it out here's the link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CreationsByAbbieRose?ref=si_shop thank-you!! Abbie:clap
  8. rosiegirl15


    thank you all so much for your help!! i think that i have some good ideas now! feel free to check out my etsy site!!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/CreationsByAbbieRose?ref=si_shop
  9. rosiegirl15


    i'm looking for some patterns for crocheted childrens hats... i've made some of my own and they are adorable... but i'm running out ideas... and time! if anyone knows off hand of a good site that has free hat patterns, please let me know!!! thank-you!!
  10. rosiegirl15

    yarn help!!!

    so i have this problem with my yarn where it gets tangled all together and i have to go and untangle it quite a bit. does anyone else have that problem and do you have any suggestions? it just gets tiring to have to untangle all that yarn. you all know what i mean....
  11. rosiegirl15

    Hello from Northern Ireland

    i went to Ireland when i was 12 (i am 15 now) and i loved it!! we (my mom and i ) went to stay with a missionary from our church! all three of us went around and mostly to the west! i have to say i loved it there and really want to go back! we were there for easter. our friend there ran a girls bible camp! i met a lot of girls my age there. i would give anything to go there again!! and welcome by the way!! abbie
  12. rosiegirl15

    so i have a question.....

    thank-you so much for your advice. i think that is a good way of pricing, and i think that i will go look on etsy! again thank you!! abbie
  13. rosiegirl15

    so i have a question.....

    my grandma is in a craft show every year and this year she wants me to make things to sell in the show... i love to crochet, if i am not reading or finishing up school (i'm homeschooled) then i'm crocheting. my favorite thing to do is amigurumi and baby things. the problem is that i am not sure how i should price my things... i don't want it over priced and under priced would be just bad. can anyone help?? thanks rosiegirl15
  14. that is just darling!! i know a few people who are having their first child!! i might try this out!! thank you so much!!
  15. rosiegirl15

    Take Me Away - 18" doll - Image Intense

    these are just so cute!!! it makes me want to play with my dolls again!!