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  1. I will share with you what I've decided to do even though it concerns a business other than needlework. I own and operate a home-based bakery (licensed, inspected, and totally legal in my state/county/city. 100% of the SALE goes to one of three charities. The customer can decide from the three where the monies go. They make out a check to that particular non-profit organization along with a donation form. They give it to me when their order is delivered. I then mail it. It's as if I donated that amount of money just the customer receives full credit by way of a receipt for the tax deductible contribution. This way, the customer is now a willing participant in the donation process, I get to create, and the charities I support get the benefit. Every year I try to have made up several boxes of knitted and crocheted items for various charities. Recently, however, I've thought to apply the same concept to my needlework as I've done with the bakery. Designate particular items to sell while all others get donated. Donating 100% of the PROFITS from each sale will allow you to recoup the cost of making the item. Reducing the percentage of donation increases the amount you get to put toward more supplies. You could have a line that has 100% and it be a small, fast working but also quick selling ...like flowers (show them on your finished hats/bags. Keep in mind, 100% of the sale means exactly that....whereas 100% of the profits is 100% of the sale AFTER the cost of the item has been deducted. Right now, making and donating items to your charity of choice (most will return you with a receipt of donation), is the choice with the least legal hassles. Once you start selling stuff, EVERYBODY wants a cut. There is an upside, the possibility remains for showing a loss on your individual income taxes (but, I'm still not sure if that outweighs the downside of having to keep records and receipts. I don't know the legal particulars just more or less touching on a few things. I apologize for the rambling.
  2. Yarn Tales

    Coral Tote

    Very pretty! Were the stems created using front post stitches?
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    my 2 latest creations...

    Those are adorable! I love the color technique used on the blue and brown one but I have a soft spot for dark blue and daisies!