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  1. Hello!! I wrote a book about crochet in my country and i would like to put it in my blog as a pdf archive (downloadable) but i don't know how to do it. Can anyone help me with that? Also i would like to have paypal in my blog in order to sell crochet things from my blog. How can i do that? thanks a lot!!
  2. Ufortunately the CYC gives certification in US and Canada? Do you Know something similar in Europe??
  3. i wrote her in facebook...thanks a lot girls!!
  4. Do you know something about the book "Create crochet patterns" by Sara Dugan? I tried to buy it but i can not..Maybe is not for sale any more..i don't know..Do you know any book similar with that? or where i can find a guide about this topic? thanks a lot! here is the web site: http://createcrochetpatterns.com/
  5. yes, i will follow the instructions from the turkish blog!! thanks a lot!
  6. i will try it!! do you know any similar pattern because i want to know how it begins..?
  7. yes, this i will do, crochet one thing of each king and wait for selling! I will try to finish all this project till september in order to catch holidays and also catch the new winter season here in Greece..another idea i thought is to go in a few stores here in my neighborhood and show them my work...why not? if they like them i will be lucky if they don't i will not!! Whatever every day i have new ideas, i must write them and see what i will do!!
  8. which is the way that attaches flowers? seems had crochet filet and after at the end with some way made flowers...this part i don't understand..also how i begin? anyway thanks for your help...this shawl on Ravelry is awesome!!!
  9. Welcome!! Crochet is my stress relief too!
  10. Recently a friend gave me this shawl - attached in photos (which was to her grandmother). Can anyone help me with the pattern because i am very confused...i do not know how to start and also how can i crochet these puff flowers.. thanks a lot!
  11. The article you found about craft business plan is very very very good!! I think i have many thinks to do and organize, i like that!! Yes sure i will use OpenOffice for money issues. I will have paypal for selling my products. The subject with international shipping is a little bit complicated needs to calculate everything in order not to make any mistake and finally not having profit from your sell. For internal shipping i know, i don't have problem. Sometimes i wonder if i will do all these about selling my products and not works?? If my creations don't like to other people? I have some money to invest for the begιnning but if i will loose them?? Ok..i don't like to make negative thoughts..whatever i will not invest so much money! Dear AsheSkyler if i will need more help can i ask you? You are more experienced than me as i can see and have good ideas. Also i have to make a progress with my english because all articles and informatons are in english. In Greek are few unfortunately..One think i did not undesrtand..why the big boom is between september and november? what do you mean? thanks a lot anyway and sorry if i have been wearing.
  12. The informations and your advices are very helpfull. I have to make a business plan and put the things in order. I have thought all these you wrote to me but without any sequence , that's why i am so confused and i don't know how to start all this. I really love crochet and knitting when i do that i am very happy, i love that but i am not so experienced for making business plan which is necessary for starting a crochet business...i must read about that and see other professionals how to do that..You are really good in advices and also helped me to think some ideas..i will not have any stress and i will try to do it step by step.. Thank you anyway you helped me a lot!!
  13. I think read all the topics about starting crochet business here in Crochetville they are really helpfull but still i need advices because i am very confused. I live in Greece and the last five years things with economy and taxation are very very difficult. I am uneployed 3 years so i decided to make my hobby business. I am trying to find ways to do that. Recently here in Greece crocheting and selling is fashionable and all the unempoyed women crocheting like crazy and are trying to sell their creations whether thet are good or not, through facebook, blogs etc..all this is completely unorganized and finally i beleive they do not sell nothing or they sell only few things and that's all!! Last two years i am trying to find ways to sell my creations( i crochet shawls, jewelerry, and some patterns) but i want to do it right and find something original.. I want to organize that very carefully and do something different but unfortunatelly i can not find the way and always at the end, i end up with the same things. I really need your advice, ideas and help how to organize all this in order to have success become first of all known and after to have profit from that. I don't have problem to create an on-line store in etsy or ravelry or somewhere else but i want to do it right. Also i would lke to recommend that Greece is a small market... And something more...is there any way to be more creative with my patterns? thanks a lot and sorry for the big post!!
  14. i think is dc and in each row is crochet between stitches and not in the loops..like filet crochet patterns..i hope you understand..
  15. yes it works a lot...i understood i don't need more help for rounds 3,4...i got it...thanks a lot for your help magiccrochetfan!!
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