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  1. I am looking for a dress/top pattern that has kind of like butterfly sleeves like the angel wings pinafore, but would hav a better yoke to add a fabric skirt onto, any ideas? i have the dewdrops pattern but it is quite time consuming, was after one with just a simple stitch! Like this one http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#query=baby girl sleeper set but the pattern makes it a square neck like the green picture but i want a more rounded neck like the pink one, any ideas maybe even how to change this to make it a round neck?
  2. I have pattern for a little baby kimono that i have worked up in lilys sugar n creame. Obviously being 100% cotton, it does not have much give. Am i better to make garments in something like Lion Brand Cotton Ease so that it can stretch for the size, ie 0-3 months?
  3. Hi, im looking for a beanie i can crochet for little boys with quite an open stitch, as we are coming into australian spring/summer and i will do it in a cotton/acrylic blend for the cool, but most stitches i find are quite girly, like puff, cluster etc, any ideas on what stitch i could use?
  4. Oh, thankyou so much, I have just looked straight past some of these in the past, but they are perfect!!
  5. Desperately seeking a little baby vest that is suitable for boys, something you can put buttons on the front. I have a lovely shrug pattern for a girl but need something similar for a boy, please help!!!
  6. becca_maria


    what do i do when my guage is spot on in width but 1/2 inch short in rows (length)?
  7. becca_maria

    Moss Stitch

    Is this generally not a stretchy stitch? I have done a hat with this but it has little or no stretch, should i put a chain in between or something?
  8. HELP!! I am looking for lovely modern patterns for boys (babys) crochet, does anyone have any good links?
  9. I am setting up a WAHM business selling my crochet hats/legwarmers/boots etc. I generally use an acrylic wool as it keeps i affordable to sell, but should i be really using something else, given it is probably not the softest wool, anyone have any tips for this?
  10. I have an iron on motif that i want to put on the band of a hat which is done in single crochet. Does anyone know if iron on motifs stick to that?
  11. Hi, im looking for a pattern for a little comforter, not sure what everyone calls them, i call them a little blankie. Its something like a toy crocheted connected to a little blankie bub can take to bed etc. Im not sure what to search under!!
  12. Hi All, before i started posting questions thought i better introduce myself!! My name is Rebecca, i live in Australia and have just again discovered crochet! When i was young my mum taught me the basic afghan stitch to do blankets but up until 2 months ago i discovered that i could do so much more than that!! I am 33 and a SAHM to 3 beautiful children. I have found that this skill has given me the opportunity to finally start a SAHM online business, so that is what i am working towards!!
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