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  1. Thanks for the info. I'll check them out.
  2. have a co-worker wanting a crocheted coyote. any help would be appreciated. something that is realistic. not looking for wile e. coyote, lol. if any one can help with pattern or point me in the right direction, then thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give.
  3. hello if any one can help....i am looking for the pattern safari tiger from annie's attic from back in the 80's. i have a co-worker wanting a tiger and we both really like this one. it is more realistic than a lot of the patterns out there. i would really like to get the monkey and the orangutan too if possible. thank you in advance to any who can help or point me in the right direction.
  4. Thank you. He absolutely loved him. He asked for one in each color variation. I think they are silver,albino,cinnamon, and black. I said maybe 1 a yr, Lol. He was fun but a little difficult.
  5. Just turned 41 last week so been crocheting for 22 yrs now. Crocheting and quilting taught me patience when I was pregnant with my son.
  6. he's absolutley adorable. i made one a few weeks ago but switched the colors up a lil....plan on making one out of varigated christmas colors (red green white) for a "christmas puppy" this year.
  7. hello, i am looking for a crocheted opossum pattern. i seen one on the back cover of annie's crochet newsletter from june of 1984. my son loves opossums and i would love to make him one. if anyone has this pattern and is willing to share or sell even i would be most grateful. his birthday is in 2 weeks. i would and i would love to surprise him. i have seen several patterns on the internet but i REALLY like annie's pattern. please help. thank you carolyn
  8. hello, i know this post is five years old but i would really love to k now if you may by chance still have the opossum pattern. my son loves opossums and i would like to make him one. please help if you can.
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