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  1. I taught myself using online video tutorials at the age of 35 (I'm 35 now!).
  2. I'm brand new to crochet. I've been cross stitching since February 2009 and I also design cross stitch and blackwork charts, most of which I offer for free on my blog Kincavel Krosses. I also occasionally make cards (I usually make a dozen or so for close family at Xmas, or one if I find I don't have a birthday card ready to send off).
  3. When I was a very small kid, my Grom taught me how to chain, but I never did anything more than that and I would finger knit chains instead because I didn't have my own hook. Very recently I bought a hook, grabbed some yarn, and looked up a few tutorials on YouTube and taught myself how to do single, double, and triple crochet, then a granny square, then half double crochet, then joining as you go. I'm gradually picking up new combinations and m working up to trying out some slightly more complicated/intricate patterns like waves and pineapples.
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