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  1. Does anyone know where I can get one of these from in AUS, or online. I don't want to spend a lot on one as I will only use it with dark wool (which isn't very often).
  2. I recently started to teach my best friend how to crochet as she has always been interested. As lovely a girl she is, she can tend to be a little slow in picking things up. My nan taught me to crochet around 12 yrs ago so I have always known the basic granny square. I subscribe to The Art of Crochet magazines and have learnt a lot more since receiving them, when I first subscribed they sent out a learning to crochet pack which included a dvd and everything. Most of the stuff on the dvd i had already known and learning how to hold the hook and wool seemed pointless to me as i already had my own way of doing it. I leant the dvd, the getting started pack and the stitch guides for the stitch she wanted to learn to my friend and sat down and watched the dvd with her while showing her at the same time (as the dvd was too fast). I started her out with simple chains to get her tension even. Several days later when we caught up she was still focusing on the chains and had done enough to run the length of my house (we laid it out) and looked at the difference from when she started to where she was then. I remembered that when I was first learning my nan got me to do this as well. From there she has been making a scarf in trable crochet with 15 stitches. As she wants to learn granny square I thought it would be best to teach her the stitch first, get her tension for this down pat while also teaching her to count her stitches and to keep the same number on each row. As she progresses I plan on forwarding her further issues of my magazine including patterns, stitches, Q&A as well as other things to help her learn.
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