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  1. For my nephew the big Avengers fan turns six soon and will be having a hulk birthday made him this so he can be the hulk hubby says looks like Oscar the Grouch or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.


  2. Made this cute little Hello Kitty for my favorite 2 year old and her dog ate it. So made her Abby Cadabby today to replace her loss.




  3. Made this for a family friend. Got inspiration from the net but again I second guess myself. My husband (who dislikes KU) says it looks like Gonzo from the muppets and not a baby jayhawk. Posting front-side and back views because of the mohawk.




  4. Sorry no, just a basic beanie with earflaps. Cheeks are simple chain 2 then 6 hc in 2nd stich from hook. Did the same for the eyes. The curls can be done several different ways I preferred the clean look of this one so it was chain 2--then 6 hc in 2nd stitch from hook then 1 hc in each stick until I had the length I needed. Takes three curls for the front bangs and about 9-10 curls for the rest simply sewed them on.

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