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    Hulk Stuffed Toy

    For my nephew the Avengers fan "Baby Hulk" making him a green/blue and black afghan to go with this.
  2. Afghan, Stuffed Toy and matching booties!
  3. Baby KU Jayhawk to go with the hat . Working on the afghan next to complete the set
  4. Made this for my quirky 2 year old niece who loves tutus-skateboards-cupcakes and princesses.
  5. NanaHicks

    Baby Bumble Bee

    Made for a family friend who's expecting a baby girl soon their last name is Bees
  6. What every little girl needs to celebrate in style right?
  7. For the "little princesses" in the family.
  8. For my dino loving nephew.
  9. Another Super Hero hat for my little Avengers Fan.
  10. Okay boys in the family hollering not fair so posted some super-hero hats but here's my attempt an an angry bird.
  11. For my nephew the big Avengers fan turns six soon and will be having a hulk birthday made him this so he can be the hulk hubby says looks like Oscar the Grouch or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
  12. Made this cute little Hello Kitty for my favorite 2 year old and her dog ate it. So made her Abby Cadabby today to replace her loss.
  13. Guess who is bored! Me so whipped this up. Thinking I have too much time on my hands or need grand-kids
  14. I just cannot decide but I do think he's adorable.
  15. I have a basic beanie pattern then I just embellish to get the look I want.
  16. New addition to my animal hats the Frog
  17. Boys in the family were getting jealous that the girls were getting cool hats and they got zip so I tried my hand at super hero themed hat Batman and Spiderman.
  18. Made this for a family friend. Got inspiration from the net but again I second guess myself. My husband (who dislikes KU) says it looks like Gonzo from the muppets and not a baby jayhawk. Posting front-side and back views because of the mohawk.
  19. I made myself this baby bumble bee not sure if that's what it looks like though.
  20. I think this little fellow turned out quite adorable if I do have to say so myself.
  21. Made this now not sure what to call it. Husband says baby lamb. Daughter says polar bear. Niece says moue.
  22. So, hubby has been buying me yarn and decided to make baby hats created this little sleeping critter would love to know what anyone thinks.
  23. Absolutely A-Dorable! The buttons are the best!
  24. Sorry no, just a basic beanie with earflaps. Cheeks are simple chain 2 then 6 hc in 2nd stich from hook. Did the same for the eyes. The curls can be done several different ways I preferred the clean look of this one so it was chain 2--then 6 hc in 2nd stitch from hook then 1 hc in each stick until I had the length I needed. Takes three curls for the front bangs and about 9-10 curls for the rest simply sewed them on.
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