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    Other than crocheting, I enjoy painting, reading and playing with my kitty.
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  1. Thanks to my FGM in OK. Your postcard brightened my day! I love getting fun mail - esp. with "warm crochet hugs!"
  2. I came home tonight to a package from MA. I am so thrilled to receive a beautiful bracelet and matching earrings!!!! The stones are my favorites as well. I can't wait to show them off. Oh, lest I forget the package also came with chocolates! You really made my day FGM! I cannot thank you enough.
  3. This evening, I used up 3 balls of yarn completing 2 of my WIPS. Not a bad start to the week for me considering I didn't get any points last week.
  4. I am thrilled! I completed the baby blanket as well as the hook case! Both of them are gifts.
  5. My weekly score is "0". I almost went to the yarn store today, but I resisted.
  6. Tina- Thanks for the link to the scrappy bear pattern! I am hoping to be able to pick up my hook this weekend. I am still at "0" for the week! I usually make time to crochet everyday and life stuff is eating up my time. It's driving me nuts. I guess the only positive is that I am not going in the negative direction either.
  7. Lesa- Love your handbag and shrug! I have been super busy and have only been able to crochet 3 rows in the past 4 days. I hope that things will settle down this weekend and I will have the time to get back to my projects.
  8. Last night, I got inspired and started to make a throw for my bedroom, which upped my score by 4! My weekly total for 1/27 = 12
  9. I survived a wander through the yarn store today without buying anything! I kept thinking of this game and how I didn't want to decrease my score just yet. Now... tomorrow could be another story.
  10. Haven't finished any of my WIPS, however I did crochet 20 rows on the baby blanket I'm working on. I have another 20 or so left before it's done.
  11. What a lovely scarf and so much meaning around it. It will definitely be treasured.
  12. Last night, I finished the matching scarf (and the remainder of 2 skeins) to up my score by 2. Rose Red- your reverse rainbow ripple is beautiful!
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