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  1. I love your towel toppers, very pretty indeed..
  2. Those are really beautiful! Great gift idea..
  3. Thanks for posting the link for this pattern.. love the colors you picked out very nice..
  4. They are very pretty nice job... I think I will get that kit as its still on sale.. I also have a hard time picking out colors.. lol.. Thank you for posting...
  5. tammymae

    v-stitch poncho

    This is adorable may I ask where you got the pattern from?
  6. Very pretty scarf, what pattern did you use if you dont mind me asking? tia
  7. Thanks for your response owlvamp I always wanted to try one and now I will ..
  8. Has anyone ever tried herrschners aghan kits? Are they worth it and do they give you enough yarn?
  9. Thanks Again! That looks like a nice pattern, I printed it out.
  10. Thanks, BGS that was really helpful....had a problem figuring out how to space it evenly..That' a great idea to use a ruler...
  11. Thanks for the help, I'am going to give it a try......anyone have any pictures.??
  12. I always wanted to make one of those hanging kitchen towels, with the crocheted tops....does anyone know a really easy way to make that dreaded first row.... how do you space out the stitches so it comes out even and how do you make the hole in the towel??? Also, how do you keep it from fraying, once you cut the towel in half... TIA for any help
  13. Where did you get the pattern from?? They are really nice and I love the colors!!
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